7 Telugu Jokes Comedy That Will Make Laugh

Telugu jokes comedy: You probably don’t know Telugu, but that won’t stop you from laughing at these hilarious Telugu Comedy Jokes!  These 7 Telugu jokes Comedy are sure to make you laugh, because they’re all based on everyday situations that are funny in any language!  You might not speak Telugu, but after reading these funny jokes in English, you’ll be able to have some fun with your Indian friends and family who do!  Plus you might even learn something new about the cultures of India and its people by getting familiar with the references in these jokes.! 

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Husband Wife Telugu Jokes Comedy


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This comedy jokes Telugu people like to very much and I give you the best joke about Andrapradesh and Telangana. In our childhood we heard a lot of fun and interesting things from our elders and relatives. As we grow up, sometimes it’s hard to find an amusing joke or short story that’s  appropriate for children and at other times, quite frankly, it’s just not as easy to think of one on our own.  Here some easy remember jokes for kids, suitable for 5-10 years old. 



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