50+ Dad Jokes That are Really Pretty Funny

They say a joke becomes a Dad Joke once it becomes evident. We would say it is when it is all groan. Sorry.

However awful they are, these dad jokes always manage to have at least a chuckle out of us. Maybe deep down we actually believe tehy’re funny, or maybe we just love to see our dads smile because they made us laugh.  No matter the reason, we provide a few of the greatest dad jokes that the internet can provide.    



  • Why do crabs not contribute to charity? —# DaddyPoppingBlg
  • Why did the guy name his puppies Rolex and Timex ? Since they had been watch puppies —-# DAvidFrisching
  • Dad : You know, birds may use Facebook. us? Dad : Because we all know they tweet so…… #LawkwardLady
  • What is the best way to watch a fly-fishing championship? Live flow. —# Drew_davis86
  • My Wife requested me to sync her phone, so I threw it into the sea.  I don’t understand why she is angry at me.  —-# chilladam,
  • How can you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? You may see one afterward and you in a little while.  A. Labracabrador. —-#Stu_Adams
  • Why would you not see dinosaurs hiding in trees?  Since they are so very good at it. —-# Brian_castner
  • What do you call 50 actors and 50 deer? 100 sows and dollars —-# NotJoeCreighton
  • A guy walks into an apiary and inquires the beekeeper to get a dozen bees.  To which the beekeeper answers, “Sure, and I will throw in the 13th as a freebie….. —-# WPeterRay
  • What is brown and sticky ? A stick.  A fish —# MikeMiford
  • Authorities detained a water bottle since it was needed in three distinct states: liquid, liquid, and gas. 


Dad Jokes to the Exotic fathers.

  • Niece : I have a whole lot of buddies named Nathan, there is Nathan….(endless droning about nicknames). 
  • Me : If they’re together, do you call  The united Nathans ? —-# alfageek
  • Interesting fact of the day : In Sweden, all Governement -owned boats are needed to have to have a UPC code published on the hull. When the ships have been returned into port, it will help them Scandinavian: —#KeithNHumphreys 
  • I see that by law you have to turn in your headlights when it is raining in Sweden but how am I supposed to understand when it’s raining in Sweden?  —# ibxtoycat
  •  What is the smallest spoken language on the planet ?  Signal language. Mississippi. —#drayzze
  • I searched for a milder one on Amazon, and all I could detect was 401 matches……—–#Bill_leasure

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