4 Funniest Wife and Husband Jokes in Telugu

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Telugu Wife and Husband Jokes and Images

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Jokes on Husband and Wife in English

1. A woman was shopping in a supermarket where she picked up a can of ham and put it in her cart. Her husband who was standing nearby saw what she did and said, You must be really hungry to buy that particular brand; that’s an awful lot of ham! She replied, I’m not buying it for me, I’m buying it for you. What? Why would I want that much? he asked. Because they have a special offer if you buy two cans, she told him. Oh no they don’t! he shouted back and walked away shaking his head. Sure enough they had a special offer: Buy two cans get one free!

2. My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asked, Do you know her? Yes, I do, but let me explain something to you. She doesn’t look any better drunk than she does sober.

3. If women understood how men think then none of them would ever have any children because we are such totally stupid creatures..

Funny Jokes for Husband and Wife in Telugu

If you want to laugh hard and make your day happy, here are some funny jokes that will make you go ROFL. Funny jokes for husband and wife both can improve a marriage relationship, if made use of properly. Use these Funny Marathi Jokes to refresh your love with your partner. Check out Funny Marathi SMS messages as well as other Marathi SMS Messages.
Have you ever tried making someone smile by joking or telling them a dirty joke? While it is easy to do so in person, communicating through text messages is not quite that simple anymore. Here are 10 cool jokes in Telugu to help spice up your conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger!



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