Very Funny Conversational Jokes Between Doctor and Patient in English

Latest Very Funny Jokes Between Doctor and Patient in English

Doctor Patient Funny Jokes in English

Hilarious and very funny Doctor and Patient dialogues and short funny jokes in English to make your family and kids laugh.  Here are some very funny Doctor and idiot patient conversation lines for social media sharing with your friends and Facebook.

Patient  :  I always see sports before my eyes.

Doctor :  Didn’t the new glasses help? ?

Patient : Sure, now i see the sport much clearer.


Patient :  Doctor, Doctor….Please help me.  I think invisible.

Doctor : I’m sorry I can’t see you now !!


Doctor  : Liquor is a slow poison for you.

Patient :  It’s all right. I’m not in a hurry.


Doctor : What Happened to you ?

Patient : I am going to die in a minute.

Doctor : Wait, I am coming within  five minutes. 


Patient : Doctor What does The X-Ray  of my head show?

Doctor : ho…absolutely nothing..!


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