17 Teacher and Student Jokes in Telugu

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The Very Funniest Science Jokes for Kids

Teacher Student Jokes for Kids: Teaching technology to youngsters may be very crucial because it will no longer simply assist them with rating marks, however it will cause them to recognize lifestyles. It  is a lifestyle talent and subsequently it’s far required to cause them to visualize the ideas in place of theoretically teaching.  Hence, we’ve indexed 50 technology jokes for youngsters.  These jokes aren’t simply amusing however will make youngsters recognize technology in a clean way.  Let us now no longer waste time and fast deep dive into the jokes.  Adults can study this to provide an explanation for how youngsters or little grown-up these teasers with pals to increase their know-how in technology. 

1 Chemistry instructor tells their college students the subsequent

Teacher : We don’t have demise do you recognize how 

Student : Puzzled and asking how 

Teacher : We handiest forestall reacting however in no way die.   

Astronauts – We in no way shout whilst you worry about us, however, simply blast off!


3. Lightning bolt bold proposal 

Lightning bolt : I will take you to a brand new location to recommend you.  Will you marry me? 

Girlfriend : Let me recognize the location and permit me to just accept your proposal 

Lightning bold : could 9


4.  Q.  Do you know who uses cellular phones the most for communication?

Ans : Human beings, No, Nerves.


5.     Location Market :

        Conversation between a shopkeeper 

        Neutron :  What is the price of a kg potato? 

        Shopkeeper : Don’t fear we’ve got you don’t have any fee         

        and subsequently purchase it freed from price.


6.    Create a weapon with the subsequent potassium, Nickel and  Iron.  Students attempted to resolve the chemical equation with numerous methods however failed.  Finally, the instructor stated that it’s miles simple, you could make a K + Ni + Fe = KNiFe 


7.    Q  : Who can resolve the trouble nicely, a mathematician or a  chemist? 

     Ans :  Chemist, due to the fact all answers are there with  them handy.


8    Q.  Where will the two tit rations meet?  

      Ans : Every time they meet at the endpoint.


9.     I located one molar solution 

        What do  you mean?

        Yes, noticed a tooth in the pitcher  with water. 


        The teeth is molar and water is a solution.


12.  Electron 1 : I am cautioning you, don’t get excited?

        Electron 2 : Why must I know no longer?  

        Electron 1 : You get right into a state.


13.    Thermometer :  I am the nice 


         Grading Cylinder : No, I am

        Thermometer :  I can prove it.  Can you?

        Grading Cylinder:  How?

        Thermometer :  I even have many tiers and also you don’t have any

        Grading Cylinder : Put the pinnacle down silently


14.     A man who misplaced aggressive exam through 1 mark  fought for his proper solution.

Is the query with inside the examination changed to the molecule CH2O is referred to as? 


15. Eye medical doctors are the maximum ill-dealt with medical doctors. Do you recognize why?  Because they’re infrequently visible through the patients.


16.    What is the maximum tough eye-e book to forestall reading?  Love Story?  No, Detective novel-No, Spiritual-No. So which one?  The-ee-ebook on anti-gravity.


17.    Even sea animals have the ego and the only one that has the very best ego is the shellfish.

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