Short Funny Stories in English-Just for Fun

Funny story, when i woke up this morning, my back still hurt, but I didn’t think it was related to scoliosis.

but now that i think of it, my mom used to say something similar, and she’d hit the sides of her body like that.

So, I think that was probably related to her back pain.

one of my sisters and i are kinda chunky.

you can’t really tell until we get our hair cut.

we always get comments on how fat we look.

but when we get our hair cut, we look much different.

my sister (Noreen) got her hair cut at the end of December, and she and the stylist started talking about the holidays.

after we left, we were talking about our parents.

she said our parents would It’s weird.

I’m 32, and i have a 30 year old boyfriend (this is technically not a funny story, but i can’t think of another way to put it).

He was in 6th grade when i was in high school.

my parents were

if you took a picture of us with our hair cut the same, you’d probably think we were fat, too.

At least that’s the impression I

i think that people can see the fat on our stomachs and our arms, but not so much on our chins. but it’s not something that we really care about.

(my sisters are so much prettier than me. I’m kinda plain.)

my oldest sister used to call us “puffy cheeks” when we were young.

i have had a few stories about chunky people in my life.

one of my most memorable experiences was during the junior high school swimming season when my friend and i lived in an apartment complex.

there was a set of 4 community pools.

we always went to the one closest to the apartments because it was never really crowded.

usually about half of the people in the complex would swim.

we’d get there at 7 in the morning, get in the pool coming in because we’re still in our diapers, so you can’t see all the fat on our legs.

but the other day i was running around in underwear (nothing big on me) and it hit me that we’re at the office and no one is here, it’s time to get to work on my PT homework.


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