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How to bookmark on Mac :  When you bookmark a web page, it saves the link to Safari’s bookmark bar.  However, how do you have a favorite website with your other apps on Mac? This article will show you 7 easy steps on how to bookmarks on Mac.

Step-1: Launch Safari

Steps to bookmark on Mac:

  • Launch Safari. 
  • Click the “Bookmarks”  Button in the top right corner of the screen 
  • Select “Show Bookmarks Bar”
  • Place your cursor at the bottom of the screen and drag up until a row of icons appears at the bottom of your screen.
  • Drag over any website your would like to save to this bar and release your mouse button when it is highlighted on blue with a check mark on it-it should appear in preview mode.
  • Type a name for this bookmark into the edit box below it, then click on “Done”. 
  • Repeat steps 4-6 for as many bookmarks as you


Step-3:  Drag a Link to the Sidebar

To add a bookmark to the sidebar, you need to drag the bookmark from bookmarks bar in your browser to the sidebar.  You will see a + sign appear on your cursor when you are having over it. Dragging the link from your browser window dropping it into your open sidebar will add it the there for easy access.  In the sidebar, find and click on the plus sign(+) to expand the section.  Click on “Add Bookmark.”  Type in a name for your bookmark.  Click on “Save”  (the green button)   

Step-5:  Add title and URL to the menu

  • Click on the +sign
  • Enter a title for the bookmark
  • Enter the URL for the bookmark

Add tags for the bookmark in order to save the bookmark, click on the add bookmark button.  You will be prompted to give the bookmark a name and add a URL.  There are two options for how you want your bookmarks to appear:  in a window or as an icon on your toolbar.

Step-6:  Set name for the new bookmark

Follow the link “to set a name for the bookmark in the location bar”  and type in a name for the new bookmark.  In this example, I am going to call it  “Faves”. Now we have to decide if we want the bookmark to open in a new window or show up in the sidebar.  If you want it to be in the sidebar,  Select “Show in sidebar”  and hit save.


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Step-7 : Click Done


Many people bookmark links to websites they want to revisit at a later time.  It is easy to do this on any computer, including a Mac.  Simply open the web browser of your choice and navigate to the website that you would like to bookmark.  Once on the site, click the symbol in the top right corner of the browser window and select “Add Page” from the drop down menu.  The website will now be added to your bookmarks bar for easy access at any time. 


How to bookmark on Mac Shortcut 


  1. Press “Command” +D to bookmark the page
  2. Press the “Command” + “Shift” + “L” to go back and forward
  3.  Press the “Command”+”Shift”+”R” to refresh a page
  4. Press the “Command”+”F2” to open your browser’ search bar
  5. Press the “Option+Command+Tilde (~)”  to ope a new tab.


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