Learn How To Start and Shut Down a Computer

Learn How to Start and Shut Down a Computer Properly

Lear How to start and Shutdown a computer step by step. We will teach step by step and easy method. Must followed my page we will update regularly Computer Complete tutorials, Computer Basics, About computer and other all programs. Let us learn  How to Start and shut Down a Computer properly. 

How to Starting the Computer…

  • You can start a computer by following the steps given below:
  • Switch on the power supply
  • Switch on the UPS
  • Switch on the power button on the CPU cabinet.
  • Switch on the monitor.

A screen called the desktop appears. You can see small pictures on the desktop these are called icons.

How can I Shut Down the Computer..

The steps to shut down a computer are as follows:

  • Click the Start windows button.  The start menu appears.
  • Click the shut down button on the lower-right corner of the menu.  
  • The messages logging off and then Shutting down will appear.  In a few seconds, the monitor turns blank. 
  • Now switch off the power button the monitor.
  • Switch off the UPS.
  • Switch off the power supply.
  • The power supply is usually kept ON to keep the UPS charged.


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