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We want to share the basic computer knowledge for children.  We have included this tutorial in a few short words based on their knowledge. I hope enjoy it. If you like it please visit our page again for more in formation. Now check here computer basics, what about computer.

About Computer-Computer Basics:

What is a Computer : A machine makes work easy for us.  All machines are man-made.  A computer is also a man-make machine.  It works on electricity. 

The computer can be used to do many things. You can listen to music,watch movies, and write letters on a computer. You can even play games, draw, and solve sums using computers.

What About Computer : A computer is an electronic device that utilize information, or data. It has the aptitude to store, retrieve, & process data.  You may already know that you can use a computer to typing documents, Easy to send email, Play games, browse internet, websites.  You can also use it to edit or create spreadsheets in excel, presentations in power point and even videos.   

Deference between Humans & Computers 

The Computer is a smart machine. It can do many things that we do. But, there are some differences between computers and us:

Computers can work very fast. Humans cannot work fast as the computer.

Computer do not make any mistake.  Humans can make mistakes.

Computer never get tired. But humans get tired after some work.

Computer have a very good memory. The never forget the information stored in it.  Humans can forget the information stored in their mind.

Computers do not have feelings and cannot take decisions.  Humans have feelings and can take decisions.

Computers can do the same work over and over again.  They never get bored.  Humans may sometimes get bored doing the same work over and over again. 

Thus, you can see the there are many differences between commuters and humans.

How many types of Computers…

Desktop : A desktop computer is kept on a desk or a table.  Desktop computers come with a separate CUP cabinet (also called the CPU Box),  monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  The monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the CPU cabinet with wires. 


A laptop is a small computer that can be kept on your lap. You can also take it anywhere with you.  A laptop is smaller than a desktop computer.  A desktop computer needs a power source to work.  But a laptop can work for many hours on battery. 

Tablet : 


 A palmtop can easily fit within the palm of our hands.  Some of the palmtops can be carried around in our pockets too.

A palmtop is smaller than a laptop.  It can also work on a battery.  

A tablet computer is smaller than a laptop, but larger than a palmtop.  A tablet computer has a touch screen. You can use your fingers or a pen-like device to work on a tablet computer.

All of these computers are also called personal computers (PCs).  They can be used by only one person at a time. 

Final Words: Thanks for reading. I hop I will give my best.  We will try to update more. If you want to learn more visit again. 

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