7 Things You Should Know About How To Get More Views On Instagram

How To Get More Views on Instagram: Instagram is a social media platform in which users follow accounts, like posts and make comments. The number of views you receive on Instagram next to the time stamp of your images is called a “like count.” The higher your like count, the more popular your account is – and a higher chance for more exposure. This article offers 7 tips for how to get more Instagram views.

7 Ways on How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

What is linkbaiting?

Link baiting is not only a way to get more views on Instagram, but it is a way of building up your reputation. The trick is to create an article, or post, and to include one sensational link that is sure to entice your visitors. These enticing links are usually phrased in the following way: ‘You won’t BELIEVE what happens next!’ and generally lead to some type of shocking video that your potential visitor will be unable to resist clicking on.

Add links to your posts:

One way to get more followers on Instagram is by linking your posts to places where your followers can find more information. When you post a photo, video, or article on Instagram, include a link in the caption that points readers and viewers to other useful information they might want to explore. This will increase the interactions you get both on Instagram and with your posts on other platforms.

Post more than once a week

Although it can be difficult to maintain consistency, posting more than once a week is a great way to keep people engaged. In fact, posts that are updated with new content typically average an increase of 45%.


Tag Your best followers

If you want your content shared by an influencer, tag them in a photo before posting. You may reach their followers who will end up checking out your profile and liking your content. When it comes to Instagram, the only thing worse than no followers is few followers. It’s important to have enough people following you that whenever you share a photo the message has the chance to spread more quickly.

Become friends with popular accounts :

The more people follow you on Instagram, the more likely they are to stay active followers in your community. If you want to grow your account, make sure to befriend as many popular accounts and people who will get more followers attracted to your account.

Use direct messages to find influencers who will promote you on IG

The selfie generation is finally starting to take notice of brands as we post more and more our selfies on social media. To help you out, I’ve compiled 7 tips you should know when looking to grow your Instagram following.

Tip #1: Use direct messages to find influencers (bloggers, celebrities, brands with niche followings) that might want to promote your account or posts. With Direct Messages, influencer feel more safe about promoting you for fear of being seen as spam-worthy!

Not all of us have the million subscriber IG following, but it could be worth your time sending DM’s out and building a list

Check and schedule hashtags

Creating new hashtags is one way to attract more views, but you should also check your old hashtags that haven’t been used in a while. Sometimes, they have the potential to gain popularity again and bring you the new followers that you’re looking for.

You can also plan several hashtags in advance––although these should be related to your post––and use them all on the same day. This will increase your chances of gaining many views if were lucky enough to choose any posts at a time where it’s unusually popular.

Take advantage of new IG features like Maps, Stories, and Payments


Did you know that Instagram just rolled out a new feature where you can share your location and customize filters through a map? Check out the blog post for more details on taking advantage of these features.

Don’t forget that Instagram also has a Stories feature now! It’s really easy to upload video clips and photos to the story. You can use animated text, doodles, stickers and a photo filter, too.

Lastly, influencers are now able to connect their IG account directly with Shopify or Big commerce. This will allow them to distribute content from their website in an instant. Learn how you can sign up your store with Influencer here:

Although some people find it bothersome, the fact of the matter is that you have to pay for ads on Instagram. These ads can be targeted and filter out users who aren’t fans of a particular user or page. They can also be sponsored posts which are shown at the top of a hashtag page. By creating high-quality filters, effects and interesting subjectivity, Instagram users can attract audiences even if they don’t have money to advertise their post.

How To Get More Views on Instagram Stories


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