7 Best Husband Wife Telugu Jokes for Funny

Husband Wife Telugu Jokes: A husband and wife are at home, and the husband says, Pass me the hammer. The wife asks, What do you want it for? The husband replies, I want to hit your sister with it! The wife, shocked, slaps him and goes out of the house saying, How can you even ask such a question? The next day she asks her husband again to pass her the hammer.
The husband is usually depicted as a fool or someone who is out of touch with reality and life, while his wife is portrayed as smart and hard-working. Sometimes, a fourth character called mother-in-law makes an appearance. This stereotype has been around since 18th century when stage actors performed in England in plays known as farces. In these farces, they exaggerated certain behaviors so they could be easily understood by their audience, making it into comedic roles that have survived to modern times.

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