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5 Best Husband Wife Telugu Jokes Funny

Telugu Jokes Funny – Married life is all about good jokes. Whenever you feel bored,just light up your companion’s mood with these Telugu jokes. Whether you are a husband or a wife, from now on wards, share the jokes that contain love and humor between married couples.

Latest Husband Wife Telugu Jokes Funny



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Telugu Wedding Jokes

Before you tie knot with your most cherished love, why not sense the flavor with these 5 best Telugu wedding jokes! Aku ikkade sunno, don’t worry – there is a solace coming. 1st wife:”Nenu life okhalipinchiki thank god” 2nd wife: “Ya shuniki kallina thank god” 1st wife: “2nd wife matching shiddu?” 2nd wife: “Matter of habit yenthi mood pama ilayin meerukuri aidulpne!”



Marriage Jokes

Did you hear about the couple who had their first date at McDonald’s? One slipped her the McPiece. Another guy used to order McDonald’s for his dream date… Until she dumped him for eating too many fries! Umm… Sure. But would you agree with us on this “joke”: A wife is cooking. She says, “How can I know what needs salt?” Her husband replied, “What does salty want?”


The best Telugu husband wife jokes are the ones poking fun at our culture, socially established ways of living, and even the state of marital life in India. The highlight of these hilarious inter-ethnic jokes is definitely how they show both parties taking any issue with a sense of humour, boundless grace and an indomitable spirit that’s pretty much emblematic of the South Indian culture.

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