The Ultimate Guide to How To Unfriend Someone On Facebook

How To Unfriend Someone On Facebook: In the event that you are no longer interested in staying connected with an individual via Facebook, there are many steps to ‘unfriend’ them from your account. Find out how to do so with this guide!

What is Unfriend

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, it simply means that you’ll no longer see any of their updates in your news feed. You’re still friends on Facebook, but you’re just not connected with this person on Facebook anymore.

How to Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Unfriending someone on Facebook can be a difficult procedure. If you’re not adverse to confrontation, you can go visit their profile and click the ‘Friends’ tab. When the friends list opens, scroll down and click on the friend that you want to unfriend. Now, select the option ‘Unfriend This Person’ at top right of the screen. Confirmation is needed before proceeding so make sure you validate your request!

Allowing People To See Who Has Blocked Them

If someone blocks you, they might not realize that they can still see your Facebook posts simply by liking them. But, to see who has blocked them and also to view a list of people that they have blocked visit Settings > View blocked users.

Why You Would Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Unfriending someone on Facebook can make you feel like a mean-spirited person sometimes. It is important to remember that unfriending someone doesn’t have to mean anything negative. Maybe

someone isn’t your real friend because they only talk to you when they need something or they are always making threats.

Your decision to unfriend someone should be based on your own emotions and not based completely on the other person’s behavior.


How to Unfriend Someone on Messenger

Unfriend on Messenger is a feature that you can tap to remove someone from your conversation. Go to their contact information, tap the profile icon and then select “Unfriend.” If the person has a phone number, it may be easier to “Block” them from this screen instead.

What is the Facebook unfriend option?

There are two options to unfriend someone. The first is to search for the person’s profile, click on “Friends” in the left column, and then click on the (unfriend) link, which is in the top right corner of their profile. The second option is to go to their wall and at the end of every post there will be a link that says “reported/block this user.” Clicking that link results in a dialog box asking whether you want to unfriend them or not.

Paragraph: What do you need to know before unfriending?

Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for someone’s previously tagged photos, videos, posts and comments to finally become invisible after being blocked or disappeared from your news feed. Additionally, if someone sees that you’ve unfriended them before seeing your request to block them, they’ll see an unfriended message which reflects your current feelings about that person.

How to Unfriend on Facebook


When a person no longer wants to keep in touch with someone on Facebook they can unfriend them. Unfriending is not used when an argument has occurred or to say goodbye. You can unfriend someone by opening their profile, clicking “friends” and changing the “in friendship” status to “just friends.”

Paragraph 2: If you’ve made the decision to never communicate with that person again because they were mean or spiteful, or if you two had a big falling out, then it’s better to unfriend them so that you’re not tempted to change your settings back.

How to Delete Friends On Facebook

Deleting a friend on Facebook does not automatically delete his/her account. In order for the friend to be permanently deleted, he must be blocked from your timeline. To do this, go to the timeline of the person you want to block and click “Friends.” Next, scroll down until you see a list of all his friends who are connected with him. Click on the X next to their name to block that particular friend.


If you want to unblock someone after you have unfriended them, all you have to do is send them a friend request. If they accept your request, then they will automatically be added to your friends list and you will be able to see their Facebook posts on the timeline.

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