How to Take Backup of Your Android Phone

We will try to explain how to take backup of your Android phone to windows or MAC OS. So kindly check here to complete and follow the steps.  

Learn How to Take Backup of Your Android Phone to Windows or Mac

Let me start by posing a few inquiries – is your cell phone bothering you with moderate speed when tap the program?  Or then again would you say you are out of nowhere getting a ‘Power close’ spring up for a specific application on our Mobile phone’s screen?  In the event that, indeed, my companion, your telephone is wheezing for space ! You will need to experience an industrial facility reset to en quip about its presentation.  Be that as it may, your gadget incorporates a huge amount of information from  pictures, to visits, to many recordings, contacts and much more which can get totally deleted from your cell phone when you tap on the factory reset option. Horrendous idea right? Well you can deflect the loss of your valuable information by taking preventive measures by which I mean taking reinforcement of the information put away in your Android gadget.  So how about we look at some simple techniques you can use to take the back up of every one of your information from your Android gadget to your windows or Mac. 

 Top 4 alternative Backup Methods:

As an Android user, you can take a backup of the data via:


Google Account



Here’s a quick take on the process of taking backup via the above mentioned individual options.

First Method Backup Via USB : 

While many of you would prefer to opt for wireless connectivity and can storage options, at times it’s good to opt for old class USB connectivity as it’s an ideal option to go in for if you have a lot of data or content to transfer and save at once.  That being said, it’s quite easy to transfer data from your Android Mobile to PC via USB data Cable.  However, you must know that the process of transferring data from your mobile varies depending on whether you own a Windows PC or Mac.

Let’s take a look at the techniques used to take a backup from Android to Windows and Android to Mac.

If you have a Windows PC or Laptop :

Five steps to only start your backup : 

Step 1 : Connect your Android device with a USB cable to your Windows PC or Laptop.

Step 2 : Scroll down from the top to check the USB connectivity notification  –> Click the charging via USB.

Step 3 : Select the File transfer option under the “Use USB for”

Step 4 : Open the file explorer on your Windows PC, you will find the now be able to view the files on the screen of your PC or Laptop –> Drag and transfer the files or data you internet to take a backup of.

Step 5 : Once done, locate the safe remove hardware icon on the system to unplug the USB connectivity of your device from the PC. 

Note : If you see a warning starting that the device cannot be removed, or “stopped”, don’t panic, all you need to do is – click on the OK button–> Locate the programs that are probably open, save those files and then close the program again. 


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