How to Take Backup of Your Android Device Via Wi-Fi

How to take backup of your Android device via wi-fi : If you want to get backup for your mobile data, just read it here is one of the best methods updated, just check how to take backup of your android device wi-fi.

Learn Step by Step How to Take Backup of  Your Android Device via Wi-Fi



How to take backup of your Android device via Wi-Fi Simple Steps

Wi-Fi connectivity is the easiest way to transfer those thousands of images and videos and more from your Android Device to your PC or Laptop. That being said, you can easily download third party apps like AirDroids to transfer data in a matter of moments.  The AirDroid app is a specially designed app for Android Smartphones and is compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops.  This screen sharing app allows you to transfer images, videos etc.  from your Android Device to your windows or Mac desktop, that’s too wifeless!  All you need to do is ensure you install the app on your Android device as well as on your PC or Mac.  Here’s how you can install and use the AirDroid App on your smartphone and desktop. 

Follow these steps : 

Download and install the AirDroid App for free from Google Play Store.
Once installed, you will need to sign up (create a username and pwd) and if you have already signed up, tap on the ‘Sign In’ option to go further.
Upon signing in, tap on the My Device Option –> you will come across the Web IP Address Now opening the AirDroid App on Android. 
Enter this URL on the browser of your PC or Mac. 
Tap on the QR code in the AirDroid App on the device, as shown above.  The camera is activated.  Aim the camera at the QR code on the PC screen under “Scan QR code”, as shown below.  Your device will automatically read the QR code and connect to the PC. 
A request to view all applications and notifications from your phone on your PC in real time –> tap on the enable option. 
you can now easily control certain features of your Android Device with the help of your mouse and keyboard.
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