How to Take a Backup of Your Android Smart Phone via Bluetooth

How to Take a Backup of Your Android Smart Phone: If you are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues, you can always turn on connecting your Android Smart Phone to your Desktop or Laptop via Bluetooth.  But here’s a word of caution – compared to Wi-Fi, transferring files through Bluetooth can be time consuming as pairing the devices isn’t that quick.  However, you can always give it a try right?  Well enabled Bluetooth; 

 Learn How to Take a Backup of your Android Smart Phone via Bluetooth.


Follow these steps on how to take a backup of your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • On your Android device, tap on Settings — . . . Tap on the Bluetooth option under Connections (Ensure to set your Android Device in discover able mode via Bluetooth). 
  • Next, from Windows 10 PC, click on the start button –> Click on Settings –> ‘Toggle’ to enable Bluetooth.  Once done, your computer will automatically start detecting any nearby Bluetooth connection enabled devices –> Select the Pair button beside your device’s Bluetooth name to connect the PC, Laptop or Mac with your Smartphone. 
  • You can then select the files you wish to transfer from your Android Smartphone to your computer, PC, Laptop or Mac.
Backing up data is often the most neglected task.  However, with the above suggested methods, taking backup of your data is a pretty simple work and it could save you from the nightmare of losing all your valuable data.  So procrastinate no more and save all your priceless photos, video data and important contacts safe and secure. 
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