How to Solve Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working:  You take a seat in the front of your Dell laptop it on a normal basis.  When your laptop computer receives get the right of entry to Windows system.  You word that you can’t kin anything.  Wired, it works. it works all satisfactory closing times.  

Rest assured.  You’re now not alone.  Many Dell customers have the identical hassle as you.  More importantly,  you can restore this difficulty effortlessly by using yourself.  Read this information and comply with the step-by-step information to troubleshoot the trouble on your laptop.   

Use These Tips for Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working

how-to solve-dell-keyboard-not-working


How do I repair my Dell Laptop Computer Keyboard now not working?

If your laptop computer keyboard is now not working, the problem ought to be brought on through extraordinary reasons.  Here we will be telling you three convenient however useful solutions.

Try one at a time: 

  • Restart Your Laptop
  • Update your Dell Laptop Computer Keyboard Driver  

Solution 1 : Restart Your Laptop

One of the effortless rapid answer to resolve your keyboard no longer working troubles is to restart your laptop.  Some customers determined that restart sincerely made their keyboard work once more at once.  Thus, strive to restart your laptop computer firstly.  If your keyboard nevertheless doesn’t work, no panic, attempt different options listed below.

Solution 2:  Uninstall your Dell Laptop Computer Keyboard Driver

Your laptop computer keyboard is no longer working, error constantly prompted by way of driver issues. in this case, attempt to reinstall your keyboard driver.
Since your keyboard doesn’t work, join your laptop computer with a mouse both wired or bluetooth one.  Then go on with the following steps:
1)    Find and click on the Control Panel from the Start Menu.
2)    Select Device Manager when viewed via large Icons.
3)   Find and extend the Keyboards section.  Then right-click on your keyboard 
       driver software program and click on Uninstall device.
4)    When it completes uninstalling, restart your Dell laptop.  Then Windows will reinstall the keyboard driver automatically. Check if your keyboard should work properly. 
If unfortunately, your keyboard never the less stops working, comply with the subsequent solution to totally replace your keyboard driver.  

Solution 3: Updated your Dell laptop computer keyboard driver 

If Windows doesn’t load the keyboard driver for your laptop computer automatically,  you can replace the keyboard driver in these choice ways:  manually or automatically.
Manual driver update – you can replace your keyboard driver manually by means of going to the professional Dell website  and looking out for the most latest right driver for your keyboard.  Make certain to select only drivers that are well suited with your  variant Windows version.
Automatic driver replacement – if you  don’t have the time, endurance or laptop capabilities to replace your keyboard driver manually, you can,  instead, do it robotically with Driver Easy.  Driver Easy will mechanically understand your machine and discover the correct driver for your actual keyboard and your variant of Windows version,  and it will download and set up them correctly. 

1)    Download and Installation Driver Easy.

2)    Run Driver Easy and click on the scan now button.   Driver Easy will then scan             your PC and become aware of any troubled drivers.

3)  Click update all to routinely download and setup the right model of all the drivers      that are lacking or out of date on your system.  (This requires the pro model which comes with full aid and a 30-day cash lower back guarantee.  You’ll be             brought on to improve when you click on Update All).

4)      You can do it for free if you like,  however it’s partly manual.

5)      Restart your laptop computer to make the new driver is taking impact and strive to press any key on your keyboard to see if your keyboard works.

Check out this video How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 10



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