A Step-by-Step How To Share Live Location On Whatsapp

How to share live location on WhatsApp: Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging app in the world and there are many people who use it for sharing something, for example live location status.  If you want to share this with your contacts on Whatsapp, follow these steps below to enable “share live location” on Whatsapp.

  • Open the whatsapp app and go to the chat
  • To share your location, tap on the “Live Location” option
  • A bar will appear with a focus point, follow it until you reach the end of your location.

  • After this, select a residential to share with just like in the messenger to share your own location messages, first open whatsapp and click on 3 vertical dots at the top right-hand corner from your chat list.  
  • Cycle between the option until “Live Location” appears and select that.  Now you’ll need to choose if you want this location shared indefinitely or if the live location sharing will contain a date or end after a specific duration of time.  If there’s anything specific that needs to be said, any othe people in the chat can tap the box ‘Add a message’ and type it out before they hit send. 

How To Share Live Location On Whatsapp Easy



Pros and Cons of Sharing Live Location


Pros : 

  • A new way to show appreciation and gratitude.
  • It encourages users to let someone know when they’re safe.
  • It increases accountability of specific location or event in the location’s community. 


Potentially puts a user in danger if the needed missing person is unidentified or using the live location out of spite.


How to Share Live Location On Whatsapp Easy


The share live location in Whatsapp messenger on iOS can be toggled on and off.  The default setting is “Off”,  so it cannot be accidentally shared.  In order to share your location during the chat that you are having, follow these steps: 

Tap “Mode of Chat” at the top right-hand corner of the chat screen.

Toggle to “Location” by going through “Audio”, “Photo”, “Video” and so on.

Click “Share real-time location”  when you reach there above in the list. (i)

Turn this toggle ON by tapping the toggle button from OFF to ON by pressing the blue button with the left arrow symbol first, share the live location you want to share with the person.  Then, select the option “Send via Whatsapp”.  If they accept your live location, they will see it on their app where they can see your place and the status of movements.  you will also see their location by opening the app without them sharing their position with you.



How to Use Whatsapp Live Location:


A live location is a feature on the Whatsapp app. It allows you and the recipient to follow the travels of your phone in real-time.  This can be handy if you want someone else to know where you are or if you are trying to find your way back home from somewhere unfamiliar.  This article will explain how this works and why it might be important for you to use it.  Share your location by sending a message.

  • Ope Whatsapp chats window and type the message you want to send
  • Scroll down and click on “sharing” near the title bar
  • You will then see two options, the first one lets you share your exact live location while the second option enables you to share your current location with a high level of precision
  • Choose either one of these options as per your needs and tap on send. 

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