Read 7 Easy Steps on How To Remove Bookmarks On MAC

How to remove bookmarks on MAC: Bookmarks let you save a lot of your favorite websites.  If you want to remove the bookmarks on MAC then read his article for 7 easy steps for removing these bookmarks and freeing up your memory.  It’s not just spam that clogs your MAC, it could also be hundreds of bookmarks.  Follow these steps and fall in love with Safari again.

How To Remove Bookmarks on MAC Safari

To use Safari on your computer, you need to make bookmarks if you want to jump quickly to a favorite website.  If you find that the bookmarks bar is getting full and difficult to browse through, this article provides 7 tricks for deleting the bookmarks on Safari.

Step-1:  Open Finder

  • Open Finder and Click Window—> Bookmarks
  • Click on the bookmark you want to remove.  The finder is an OS X application which can be opened by clicking the Finder app in your Applications folder. 
  • After opening the app, you should see a sidebar on the left-hand side with all of your saved files and directories.  Navigate to the root directory of your hard drive and then select My Computer from the list. 
  • Next, Click View—> Show view options in the menu bar and select “Show Path Bar.”  “You will now see a long list of directories up to the left of your computer’s name which are given at Document Path. 
  • Close your Book Marks  

There is one section of Safari that can easily get neglected if not handled properly through book marks – the browser’s address bar. 

In order to remove bookmarks on a Mac, click on the O icon in the top left corner.  Scroll down and click on the “Bookmarks Bar”  icon at the bottom of the screen.  Select the bookmarks you would like to delete with your mouse’s cursor and then press (Command+Delete)

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Step-3:  Identify Bookmarks you want to remove

If you are not sure what bookmarks you have, press and hold the option and tap the bookmark icon.  All your bookmarks will be shown in a pop-up window.  Select those that you want to remove and then press Delete to permanently delete them from your computer.  “Options (Mac Computers)” “Delete”

Step-4:  Drag them to the Trashcan Icon the Dock

Click on the Application folder and then on the Utilities folder.  In the Trash Icon in the Dock.  Select the icon for the application and drag them to the Trash Icon Safely eject your disc by clicking Eject at Go. 

Step-5:  Enter your password and press the delete key twice

Adding the bookmark’s name and the web address, you’ll be able to add this page as a bookmarks that can always be easily accessed.  Similarly, you can also copy and paste tab to create a new bookmark.  If you need to find text on any given web page, all you have to do is highlight it by clicking your mouse and pressing Command+F.  This will bring up a new window where you can search for what you want in seconds. 

Step-6:  Empty trash Mac if necessary (so long as it is not empty)

 If you find you have exceeded the storage quotas for your trash can, or the Mac is acting strangely,  go ahead and empty it for good.  Quiet Safari first, then hold CTRL+ALT (allocate four fingers on touch screens) and click the “Trash” sub navigation bar item.

Step-7 : Restart Safari to Activate Changes

This is a favorite part of the process because the browser will restart, and all unsightly bookmarks will disappear from your browser.  You’ll find that Safari has been scrubbed clean, just how you like it,  and your eyes will flood with joy for vacuous nothingness.  Now that the bookmarks and bookmark menu shortcuts have been deleted, restart Safari.  This will delete any changes you made to the toolbar and re display a default set of icons….  


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