7 Amazing Tips on How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

How to Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water:  Acrylic nails have a reputation for being long-lasting and durable.  But, the truth is that sometimes your nails can become too long after applying acrylic nails and you need to remove them.  Have you ever tried removing acrylic nails with hot water?  The article talks about 7 tips how to remove acrylic nails with hot water. 

Read 7 Simple Tips on How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Hot Water

How to remove acrylic nails with hot water

1) Soak your nails in hot water for 2-3 minutes

  • Pour hot water into a bowl, or run hot water from the tap directly into your nails.  Make sure that the water is less than 100 degrees Celsius, as higher temperatures may damage your nails and skin.
  • Scrub off excess glue with an orange stick
  • Unclench your fingers and peel off the acrylic
  • Soak nails in a solution of alcohol, lemon juice, and salt for 5 minutes.
  • Use a nail file to remove any rough edges

2) Get a nail file

The best way to remove acrylic nails is with a nail file.  Hold the file under the nail, use a back and forth motion,  and rub the nail against it until there’s no more acrylic left.  If you don’t have a nail file, you can also use a metal spoon or butter knife. 

3)  Scrape off the acrylic 

Place a towel underneath your hand.  Tip the nail over with your fingers and use a metal or plastic dog-grooming claw, or a dull knife to scrape off the acrylic.  Don’t worry about hurting your dog-the claw won’t scratch her.  

Pour some hot water into a container.  Dip your fingers into the boiling water for a few seconds, enough to soften up the acrylic nails.  This should make it easier to remove them from your natural nails.  

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4) File down your cuticles

When removing acrylic nails with hot water, be sure to file down the cuticles and scrub off all the excess glue. This way, you’ll have a smoother surface to soak your nails in.  The nail is the hardened layer at the end of the fingers and toes that can be either natural or artificial.  Artificial nails are also called acrylic nails,  gels, or nail polish.   

5)  Apply moisturizer and gently push your cuticles back to the original position

Make sure your nails are dry before you do this so you don’t end up with wrinkled, softened nails.  It is a quick way to get rid of acrylic nails that come with long-term damage.  The thing is that the damage is pretty much irreversible, so it’s to do this while the lacquer has not dried completely.  If you wait too long, your cuticles will dry and your nails harden.  This can lead to infections if you start pulling them out in different ways. 

6)  Apply a coat of oil or lotion on top of your nails  

This will help your nails to avoid getting too dry and brittle. Doing this will make it easier to remove the acrylic nails, and can also prevent your nails from becoming brittle. If it still doesn’t come off, apply some more lotion or oil and wait for a few minutes before trying again. When you remove acrylic nails, your nails will be left dry and brittle. Applying oils and lotions will help to moisturize them, leaving them healthier.

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