A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Recall an Email in Outlook

How to Recall an Email Outlook: At some point, we’ve all sent an email that we’ve immediately regretted sending. It could be an accident, or you may have realized later that the message wasn’t worded very well, or you might have just realized that you were being rude.

5 Simple Steps on How to Recall an Email in Outlook 


Open your Inbox

If you want to recall a sent email, open your inbox and right-click on that particular message. In Windows you’ll see Recall Message or something similar as one of your options. This removes it from your sent folder and places it back into your inbox for editing. Remember that once you recall an email, it becomes unchangeable; if there were mistakes made during transcription (like misspelled words), you won’t be able to edit them without starting over.

Find the message you want to recall

To recall a message you’ve sent, locate it in your Sent Items folder. To do so, double-click on Sent Items (if you’re using Windows), or click on All Items and then on Sent Items (if you’re using Mac). A list of all messages sent appears; select a message and right-click it. In the menu that appears, select Recall Message. Outlook asks you whether you want to recall just one copy of the message, or whether you want to recall future copies as well. Click Recall if either option applies to your situation.

Hold down CTRL and right click

If you hold down CTRL and right click an email in your inbox, you’ll see a new option called Recall Message. This brings up a pop-up menu that allows you to recall it or save it for later review. You can also save it as a draft by clicking Save and Close or Save As Draft. Recalling an email message is useful if you accidentally sent something out with incorrect information or misspelled words. For example, if you are sending dozens of emails at once and realize there’s a typo in one of them, then recalling that particular message saves everyone time from having to reply back and point out your mistake. It also gives you time to quickly fix it before anyone even notices. Recalling an email does not permanently delete it; it simply sends it back into your mailbox so you can either send again or deal with any issues yourself using Microsoft Word or another program.

Select Recall Message

You’ve already sent that email, but now you wish you hadn’t! For those times when a message was a bit too hasty, we have Recall Message. Follow these instructions and learn how to recall an email in Outlook. 1. Find Out How To Recall An Email In Outlook by reading our post about it here: […] That link should get you on your way to recall your emails in no time. And if not, leave us a comment below and let us know what we can do better!

Put checkmarks next to everything except Sent Items

If you ever accidentally send an email you didn’t mean to, there is a way of recalling it. To recall a message, first, open up your Sent Items folder. Next, put checkmarks next to everything except for your sent email. After that, click on Send/Recall at the top of your message and then click on Recall in Windows Live Mail. Your message will be deleted from your Outbox and hidden away in your Drafts folder. You can do so even if you’ve already sent it out.

Click Recall Message

You can recall any email message that you’ve sent, whether it was delivered or not. This can be helpful if you sent a message by mistake, if there was a problem with delivery, or if you just want to send it again for some reason. If your email program has a search function—and almost all of them do—you might find it easier to locate recalled messages than you might expect. We’ll look at how to search for recalled messages and how to retrieve them later in this tip.

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