How To Flirt With A Girl On Whatsapp in 9 Simple Steps

How To Flirt With A Girl On Whatsapp?  There are many ways to flirt with girls if you know what they want to hear and how to show that you care If you have ever tried flirting but failed then this video might help you out.  These are some tips on how flirt with a girl on whatsapp.  You can use these tricks to flirt with any girl anywhere at anytime.  Have fun! 🙂

9 Tips on How To Flirt With A Girl On Whatsapp 

1. What is Flirting?

Flirting can be defined as showing interest in someone while at the same time being non-committal. It is done through actions such as fluttering your eyes and smiling or looking at your target.

2. Why Should You Learn How to Flirt?

You should learn how to flirt with girls because this skill can help improve your relationship in general. When you know how to do it right, you can make a girl feel special even if she doesn’t look that way.

3. How to Start Flirting

You need to start off small. Make eye contact first. Then use body language and tone of voice to subtly show interest. Use direct questions to keep the conversation going. Avoid asking too many questions at once, but pick out one or two things and ask her about them.

4. Know How To Make Her Feel Good About Yourself

It starts with knowing how you make her feel about herself. If she feels that she’s good enough, then she’ll want to keep talking to you. So don’t let yourself get caught up in thinking that you need to know everything about your girl before you can talk to her. Just start connecting with her and making sure that she feels comfortable around you.


5. Show Her You Care (And Don’t Be Fake)

If you want to show her that you care, just say things like “I love you” “I think you are beautiful” or “You look great today!�

6. Give Her A Call/Message

Give her a call or send her a text message after you stop seeing each other to tell her that you missed her. Tell her what you did that day, and ask if she wants to go out again.

7. Make sure she’s bored

You can make her feel more comfortable around you if you are able to do things that only you could do. If you are good at making videos, then you can make a video of yourself making a funny face while you are talking to someone. If you know how to play guitar, you can simply play your favorite song and sing along.

8. Be attentive

If she notices you pay attention to what she says, this will make her more open to spending time with you. She will feel like you genuinely care about her.

9. Ask questions

Let your conversation flow naturally. If you want to flirt with a girl on whatsapp, remember to ask personal questions. Don’t just talk about random stuff. When you are flirting with a girl on whatsapp, keep it natural.

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Read 6 More Points on How To Flirt With A Girl on Whatsapp

  • Be yourself.  Don’t try to impress her by being someone else.
  • Always be polite no matter how she behaves towards you.
  • Let her know that you are interested in getting to know her better.
  • Make sure your profile pic is decent and attractive.
  • Send her at least 4 messages before waiting for her response. 
  • Never send any personal messages without first checking out her profile picture. 


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