How to Enable Gaming Mode on OnePlus 7t

 For hard-core gamers, it’s fantastic if a smartphone offers a special gaming mode to enhance the gaming experience.  For OnePlus Phones, it introduced the new Fnatic Mode as an aggressive gaming Mode option.  What is Fantic Mode ? OnePlus phones support Fnatic Mode?   And how to enable Fnatic Mode on Supported devices? You will find answers in the following content.


What is Fnatic Mode on OnePlus phones? 

The Fnatic Mode is kind of enhanced gaming mode jointly designed by OnePlus and Fnatic (an esport organiser) and it is first introduced on OnePlus 7 Pro phones.  Once the Fnatic Mode is enabled, your phone will block all notifications and disable the second SIM card to enhance the network of the main SIM card. In addition, to boost the gaming performance, some other apps on your phone may run abnormally.  

How to enable Fnatic Mode on supported OnePlus devices? 

To turn on the Fnatic Mode on OnePlus Phones, you just need to follow these steps: 

Step 1  : Go to Settings – Utilities – Gaming Mode. 

Step 2 : On the gaming mode page, scroll down to “Automatically Turn on for These Apps” section. 

Step 3 :  Click ” Add apps for Gaming Mode” and check off all the apps you want to use the Gaming Mode. 

Step 4 :  Then tap the back arrow once to return to the main screen.  Then you will see all the game list that you have added to the Gmaing Mode. 

Step 5 : Switch the “Fantic Mode” toggle to turn on.  And you can also turn on the “Gaming Display Enhancement” to Enhance the light and dark details of the gaming display. 

Steps 6 : Enjoy playing games in the Fnatic Mode. 

Alternatively, you can also pull down the notification bar and tap the gaming mode – enable “Fnatic Mode” toggle to activate the Fnatic Mode when playing games. 

If you don’t find the Fnatic Mode feature or it works abnormally, please upgrade your phone’s system to the latest version –> System – Software Update.

Now, do you have further understanding about the Fnatic Mode on OnePlus Phones? Just try enabling this feature and Enjoy the Supper Charging Gaming Experience.

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