The ultimate guide on how to block someone on facebook

The Ultimate Guide on How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to block someone on Facebook: Setting Boundaries With Social Media: It’s important that we protect ourselves from digital emotional abuse. In this article, I share how to stop letting a toxic person have control of your heart or break your spirit just by picking up your phone and seeing their messages. You can block someone on Facebook who is stalking or harassing you in the first place, but what if they are already following you?

How to unblock someone on Facebook Page

If you at one time had blocked someone on Facebook, you can delete that block by following the steps below. When you log into your ‘Account and Privacy’ settings, click ‘Blocked People,’ and then click on the face of the person that you blocked.

How to block someone on Facebook Account

If you find someone annoying or offensive on Facebook, don’t fret. There are ways to block people without them knowing they have been blocked. The first and easiest way is to change the settings under ‘Account’. The setting that’s of interest is ‘Who can see my stuff?’ This will keep any posts or pictures posted by this person from popping up on your timeline or news feed. If there are groups or pages that you would still like to be alerted to when posts by this person come up, use the filter option under settings. Simply type in the name of the person and it will filter through any posts they make.

With these two simple steps, you’re guaranteed a more enjoyable experience from Facebook

Benefits of blocking Online

Have you been blocked on Facebook? Or are an admin that wants to block a commenter? The best way to achieve what you want is by blocking. Here are some benefits of blocking. First, it’s a way to know who exactly blocked you. Along with identifying the person that did the blocking, it also eliminates their comments in your feed and you will cease to have updates about them.


Who should you block and why?

There are times when you know the person you have blocked is still seeing your posts and this can be annoying. What you need to do is block them ‘permanently.’ This will help interrupt the relationship that may or may not exist between the two of you. If there is a relative, an employer, an ex-partner, or someone else then what you want to do is block them just temporarily. It should be noted that those on temporary blocks can see your posts but they cannot comment on them. If a temporary block was applied by mistake then it should be removed as soon as possible so they won’t think that they have been blocked.

How to block friends on Facebook

Essentially, if you are wanting to stop someone from continuing to irritating you on Facebook, then you should look for the person’s name in the search bar. Once their name comes up on the list, click it and select block.

One way to block friends on Facebook is by unfriending them. You can also block someone and remove their posts from your timeline by going to their profile and clicking the three dots in the top right corner, then choose the “block” option. To unblock someone, go to settings then click “account settings”, scroll down to the list of blocked people and click “unblock”. Now you will be able to see all of their posts as before you blocked them.

How to unblock friends on Facebook


There are many reasons why people might need to unblock friends from Facebook. For example, maybe they blocked their child who was posting inappropriate content and now want to be able to see the updates in their feed. Another reason could be that they realized they blocked someone by accident after a disagreement or while they were drunk.

To unblock someone, go to Facebook and select the ‘Privacy’ option. After that, select ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’. In the section titled ‘Hide and stop someone from bothering you’, click on the ‘Unblock,’ next to the person’s name you want to unblock.


Today is the day to finally stop stalking your ex’s Facebook account. You can now distance yourself without feeling like you’re missing out by following these simple steps:

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