5 Amazing Funny Telugu Jokes About Love About Marriage

Funny Telugu Jokes about Love : Share a Telugu joke about love and about marriage. A friend ask him What is love….? What is marriage…..? He gave a funny answer. Read it completely.

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A Funny Telugu Joke About Love About Marriage in Telugu

This is a funny telugu joke about love and marriage that will cheer you up. A close friend of asks his friend. Mom would tell me about love and about marriage. Read on to find out how funny his answer is.

A lot of people have trouble with relationships. Of course, that stress can be compounded during times of change, like when you’re planning your wedding! So here’s a funny story for you about what happens when weddings go wrong–and remember to book your caterer early so it doesn’t happen to you!



Funny Telugu Joke – After Marriage Before Marriage




A Funny Telugu Joke About Love Lovely Joke




Why Marriage Jokes Are Important

Marriage jokes strike a delicate balance. on the one hand, they need to be funny and real to avoid offending anyone on either side of a relationship. At the same time, a good marriage joke on a dating site is full of clever wins that keep long-term mates laughing. These jokes also remind people why they’re drawn to each other in the first place, keeping dreams alive until the day comes that someone says “I love you” for more than just their sense of humor.

What Makes Tamil Jokes Funny?

Tamil jokes are a different species. Tamil Jokes are mostly single-line quips, but they’ve also been known to spring from a long list of co-conspirators. Tamil jokes may start with one person telling a joke and climax with an absurd punchline delivered by the entire group. Or it may come from your neighbor who leans on his doorway and has a nightly chat while you’re making chai, only to throw in some Tamil swear words for flavor.

The Importance of Marriage Jokes

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that love is a roller coaster. But for those on the ‘marriage’ side of things, jokes about marriage can be a breath of fresh air from those who find themselves completely sick of the sameness that is dating. A series of jokes about marriage can tempers disappointment, as well as making some feel less shy about voicing their hopes and expectations about the union they’re about to enter into. After all, what could be better than hearing a funny telugu joke about love?

Telugu Jokes to Keep the Audience Amused

One day, after the betrothal is made, a groom-to-be from Andhra Pradesh visits his marriage leader from Karnataka for a dinner. The Karnatakan gentleman takes the camera from him and does not let him go for very long. In response to this attempt at capture, the boy picks up a whisk and begs her to stay put as he smokes a few cigarettes. She eventually sat back down.

Funny Telugu Marriage Joke

There was once a man who loved a girl. The girl’s father wanted to find out whether this man would be the right person to marry his daughter. So he sent her to him and said, “if you can make her laugh then you will get my daughter’s hand in marriage.” The boy tried many jokes and had many funny games with the girl but she never laughed. He thought about giving up and even went as far as telling her a couple of really dirty jokes but found out that somehow these jokes made her laugh more than before. He then realised that what she needed was romantic comedy and slowly started doing things accordingly, through which the girl laughed wholeheartedly.

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