Funny Jokes in English-A Good Joke About Men and Women

 Funny Jokes in English-Women and Men

A very funny joke about men and women their ages what do want. Latest jokes in English, funny jokes by boys and girls, funny jokes by men and women, funny love jokes in English.

Women are so different… always changing their taste…

at 18yrs they want handsome men,

at 25yrs they want mature men

at 30yrs they want successful men,

at 40yrs they want established men,

at 50yrs, they want faithful men. 
Men are very simple….they never change their taste….
at 18yrs, they want pretty young girls,
at 25yrs, they want pretty young girls,
at 30yrs, they want pretty young girls,
at 40yrs, they want pretty young girls,
at 50yrs, they still want pretty, pretty young girls.
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