Funniest Love Jokes in Telugu – Boys and Girls

You looking funniest jokes in Telugu, you’re in the right place. If you need more please check here. Boys and Girls funniest jokes in Telugu… 

We have a lot of funny jokes stars sharpening on love when girls and boys are teenagers. Laughter is very important in human life. In this case we use it mostly online.  If we type funniest jokes in Telugu online, we will get as many jokes as we want.  Through them we can get a lot of happiness.    

1. Funniest Joke that usually happens during Rokhi Festival.

Hilarious Jokes in Telugu- Boys and Girls Jokes in Telugu

Girl : Nenu ninna Rakhi Techhanu 
          Enduku Kattinchukoledu….?

Boy : Idi Mari bavundi… Repu Nenu 
          Tali Testanu Kattinchukuntaavaa…!!!

Famous Love Jokes in Telugu

2.  Lovers can usually be called to come home. At that time a funny joke found such a time.

 Latest Funny Jokes in Telugu Latest..

3. When you guys say I LOVE YOU you find a good joke in their thinking. 

Search online Funniest Jokes in Telugu, you get you get lot of jokes images, through them your mood will be filled with joy. You will be emotionally stimulated by a very big smile. 

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