English Stories || The Ant and the Dove ||

Do you love reading ? Here are some short stories written in English that kids can use to practice reading and their comprehension. 

The Ant and the Dove

One hot day, an ant was searching for some water.  After waling around for some time, she came to spring.  To reach the spring, she had to climb up a blade of grass.  While making her way up, she slipped and fell into the water.
She could have drowned if a dove up a nearby tree had not seen her. Seeing that the ant was in trouble, the dove quickly plucked off a leaf and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant.  The ant moved to wards the leaf and climbed up there.  Soon it carried her safely to dry ground.  Just at that time, a hunter nearby was throwing out his net towards the dove hoping to trap it. 
Guessing what he was about to do, the ant quickly bit him on the heel.  Feeling the pain, the hunter dropped his net.  The dove was quick to fly way to safety.  
One good turn deserves another.

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