75+ Easy to Share Birthday Wishes Greetings and Messages

Birthday Wishes Greetings Messages free Write your best birthday wishes and messages throughout our collection. Birthday is one among the foremost special celebrations in one’s life hence it deserves nothing but the simplest. We’re here to share a number of our greatest birthday wishes and birthday greetings that you can simply write during a birthday or gift note. With these birthday messages, you’ll make your friend’s or loved one’s birthday phenomenal . Scroll down and luxuriate in our list of happy birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Wishing your friend a cheerful birthday on social media like Facebook is extremely prevalent. So, accompany the trend and send your warmest happy birthday wishes to your Facebook friend.

On your big day, I wish you three things: Love, Strength and Hope. like to keep your life as colourful and meaningful as possible, the strength to assist you keep it up through the various trials and adventures that you simply will face, and hope to always search . 


I thank the Lord a day for the blessing that i do know as you. Wishing you a cheerful birthday! Another year, another set of blessings. May you usually remain happy and cheerful all the times of your life. Happy Birthday! 




This day could seem like all other ordinary days to everyone else but i do know just how special today is. Just letting you recognize that I remember you today and wishing you a cheerful birthday.

I can’t consider anything better to wish you on your birthday but happiness because that’s what you bring into my life. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you all the simplest that life has got to offer on your birthday. May you usually stay happy and blessed!


We’re here to offer you nothing but the simplest. Here’s our collection of the best birthday messages and needs that you can simply use to precise your warm thoughts for your friend’s birthday.


“A wish of endless cheers on your birthday. Celebrate and eat all the cake that your heart desires.”


“Just like your cake, you’re always sweet and fluffy and it’s always a treat to possess yourself around.” Happy, happy Birthday!”


“This day are going to be your happiest yet. a really happy birthday to you!”


“Congratulations! You’re given 365 more pages to write down your story. We already know it’s getting to be amazing again. Happy Birthday!”


“To an excellent friend who’s sort of a twin I never wanted and got cursed with, I wish you a cheerful birthday.”


Send Messages Birthday Wishes Greetings for Friends 

Friends will always be important to us, they’re always going to have an area in our heart. In one among the foremost important events in their lives, confirm to precise your birthday greetings to your friend. Show them your appreciation and love on their birthday using these happy birthday messages for friends.



May you be blessed with more of everything – more love, more happiness and more birthdays. Happy Birthday! 

I know that you simply are blessed with such a lot and that I wish you even more blessings on your birthday and therefore the days to return. Happy Birthday! 


May you usually stay grounded yet fly and soar high to succeed in your dreams and ambitions. Happy Birthday!


I wish you happiness, love and everything nice on your birthday. Wishing you a cheerful, happy birthday!



Birthday Wishes for Family


I’ve never found a lover who deserves only the simplest in life. Stay as true and loving as you are. Wishing you more years to return. Happy Birthday! 

May you usually have love in your heart, money in your pockets and friends to shop for you a drink once you don’t have any. Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful for the day you were born because I might never have met a lover as true and as loyal as you. Happy Birthday!


Others may count the cash in their hands as their wealth. I do know you and that i consider our adventures and moments together as our riches. Hoping for more memories to share with you. Happy Birthday!


You have always been around once I needed you and at this point I hope I can return the favor by sending you a heartfelt birthday greeting across the miles. Happy Birthday dear friend!


Romantic Birthday Wishes Greetings Ever…


Make your partner feel your love on their birthday. Make them feel so loved and appreciated with these sweet birthday wishes. We write some birthday love wishes for your boyfriend and girlfriend, even for your husband or wife. Take a glance at these romantic birthday messages.


No matter what percentage years have passed, my love for you’ll forever remain unchanged. I thank God every day for the gift of you. Happy Birthday! 


You are as beautiful today because the first day I saw you. You’ll always have my heart and my love. Happy Birthday! 


I think that you simply are like wine, the more you age the higher you become. Happy Birthday, Love! 


We’ve been through such a lot and there’s still more to get in the day. I wish we’ll have more years to stay exploring and discovering. Happy Birthday! 


May you be blessed for more years so I can enjoy the maximum amount of time with you. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Messages for Him


You never fail to overwhelm me and shower me together with your love. On your birthday, I wish I could do an equivalent for you. Happy Birthday!


For a really special person such as you,  birthdays should become a legal holiday. Happy Birthday! 


Wishing you more fun, more happiness, and more merriment today. Happy birthday! 



I can safely say that you simply have aged gracefully. you progress slower yet more gracefully each day. Happy Birthday!


I was going to get you a cake but they didn’t have that a lot of candles. So I made a decision to travel for a greeting card instead. Happy Birthday! 


Birthdays are always an opportunity to start out anew. Happy Birthday! 

I would wish you tons of things but you seem to have already got everything. So I’m just getting to keep this easy and straight – wishing you’ll have more years and more of everything. Happy Birthday! 


I wish you riches and wealth altogether, things on your birthday – rich in joy and love, wealth in health, and in fact a couple of extra dollars to treat your friends. Happy Birthday! 


There is no distance too far between friends. Albeit we are miles apart, I’m sending all my likes to you on this big day.  Happy Birthday! 


There seems to be nothing more that I  can wish for you on your birthday because you seem to possess everything. So let’s just eat cake and celebrate like hell. Happy Birthday! I promise to carry your hair once you get sick from all the birthday booze. Cheers and happy birthday!


Birthday Greetings Messages for Boyfriend


I had this concept of getting kinky for your birthday. It’s just that well, I feel we’ll need to reserve that for tonight. Don’t you agree? Happy birthday, baby. 


Would you like a beer, some steak and a cake for today or does one prefer all that and me? Let me know. Happy birthday. 


I don’t mind if you would like to steer around the apartment naked since it’s your birthday. I also don’t mind if you only want to be naked in bed with me all day. Hmm? Happy birthday, baby.


 I don’t like how you’d fart after being so quiet nor how you choose your nose and just wipe it off on your pants. There are tons of things that I don’t like but I don’t really mind since these also are the items that cause you to ask you and as my boyfriend. i really like you. Happy birthday.


Your bike, your computer and your phone must’ve cost you tons only for your birthday. But hey, my love for you doesn’t accompany a price. Happy birthday, honey. 


Why don’t we close up the web, our phones and disconnect all communications only for today and let’s just spend all day together celebrating your birthday. What does one think? Happy birthday! 



Happy Birthday Wishes GreetingsBirthday Wishes SMS 


If someone you’re keen on, or if your friend is going to celebrate a birthday soon, make certain to send your heartfelt birthday greetings to them. If you’re not excellent at words, that might not be a drag anymore. Here, we offer you with a number of the simplest happy birthday wishes and messages that you simply can write to a card or send as an SMS to your celebrant.

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