Funny Telugu Jokes Images: Not all jokes are in English. In fact, most jokes from around the world are told in the native language of the region! For example, in India, most jokes are told in Telugu or Hindi. If you’re trying to learn Telugu, studying these jokes can be a fun way to practice your comprehension skills and learn some new vocabulary at the same time!

These funny Telugu Jokes Will Make You Laugh


Funny Telugu Jokes Images to Make You Laugh

Do you know that funniest joke? The correct answer is: There is no funniest joke. All of these Telugu jokes are funny and you will enjoy them in your free time. These Telugu images are collected from various social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more. Just use these pictures as your timeline photo on Whatsapp or Facebook. Many people will be happy with your funny timeline photos. I am also using these Funny Telugu Jokes Images to make my friends laugh by sending a Funny Whatsapp Status every day.


These funny Telugu memes are hilarious

We’ve gathered up some of our favourites for you, in addition to some new ones that we just made. We hope these jokes make you laugh, and please share them with your friends! (Click on each image for a larger version) If these jokes don’t get you laughing – nothing will! (Click on each image for a larger version)

#1: I really like fat chicks, because they are easier to hit than skinny chicks.

#2: Hey baby, what’s 50 feet long and has 15 teeth? ……A Brontosaurus-sized hole in my drywall.

#3: When it comes to drinking alcohol, it takes two birds with one stone. It gets me drunk while also killing me at the same time.

#4: Girl 1: Girl 2: OMG Girl 1, did you see how much ice cream Guy 2 is eating?


These funny Telugu images will make you laugh

You can use these telugu jokes and images on Whatsapp, Facebook etc. these Telugu jokes are one of a kind and guaranteed funny. Apart from you, your friends will also enjoy reading or hearing these funny Telugu images. So what are you waiting for? Sending them now! (NOTE: YOU WILL  RECEIVE A LINK FROM WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE IMAGES IMMEDIATELY ON YOUR EMAIL ID)  Also share it with your group! For Funny Images In Telugu visit here – Funny Pictures in Telugu


These funny Telugu picture captions are hilarious

They are relatable and will have you laughing out loud, especially because they’re in Telugu. If you need a good laugh today, or just want some jokes in Telugu images for WhatsApp memes, take a look at these funny memes. There are lots of really great memes on here; I’m sure you’ll find plenty that make  you laugh! Funny Telugu Picture Captions don’t come around every day… but when they do it’s truly enjoyable. Gotta love those pictures with captions!

Funny Jokes in Telugu Images

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With These Jokes Telugu Images Will Make You Laugh

This week’s Funny Telugu Jokes images will make you laugh. Download these and share with your friends, family and loved ones. Here we present you some of the funniest and amazing Funny telugu jokes images download which are going viral now on social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. on funny category. Hope you will enjoy them a lot. Share it with others if you like it! takes are very funny and famous in Telugu.




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