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There will be an important day then everyone’s live. It could be a birthday, wedding anniversary or anything.  Short message and wishes for any small quote we give at the event its giving them a lot of joy.   You can check the links  given here for those sweet religions. 

 80+ Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Text Messages




Heart Touching Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Happy anniversary to my husband! you set a smile on my face and ignited a flame in my heart whenever I checked out my heart leaps with joy.


I cannot really express just how blessed I’m to possess found a husband such as you.  Happy Anniversary to us!


Dear hubby, many thanks for being literally the kindest and compassionate husband ever.  Love you to the moon and back.  Happy Anniversary handsome!

A  Very happy anniversary to the person of my dream.  It’s been an absolute privilege to steer alongside you my love.


Today, I’m happier than I have ever imagined.  Because of the personal I call my husband, for showing me the happy side of life.


Want to hug you tight not only today but for the day, I would like to wish you a cheerful married life with me forever!

May the everlasting love keep it up shining upon us forever so we will make more joyful memories together.  Happy Anniversary to us.


Even when everyone abandons you and your favorite things betray you, you’ll find me here with you.  Happy Anniversary to you.


For me, this is often and always is going to be the simplest date within the calendar because I got married to the love of my life on this date.  I really like you and happy anniversary.


A year has gone discovering one another and that I can tell you; I have even found everything in you I could possibly invite.  Happy anniversary dear husband.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband in English



Religious Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband


Anyone can become a husband by marriage but not everyone can make an area in someone’s heart. You’ve got a permanent place in my heart because you deserve it.

Being an honest husband isn’t easy.  But you are doing it a day as if you were born to be an excellent husband.  Happy Wedding Anniversary!


Years will come and go, but our marriage is going to be there, sort of a timeless gem,  shining bright till forever ends. Happy Anniversary.


You are the one that holds the key to my heart, knows every corner of it and understands every beat it gives.  You’re irreplaceable.  Happy Anniversary!

Thank you for showing me with the type of affection that lasts.  You’re a tremendous husband and I am lucky to possess you.  Happy Anniversary.


Years will come and go but our marriage is going to be there sort of a timeless gem,  shining bright till forever ends.  Happy Anniversary.


You are the one that holds the key to my heart, knows every corner of it and understands every beat it gives. You’re irreplaceable.  Happy Anniversary!
I just can’t believe how long it’s been darling.  (PUT YEAR) long years. But we made it.  Many thanks for everything, my knight in shining armor.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband Quotes


Latest and Cute Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends


Your marriage proves that you simply don’t need money to form a happy and long lasting;  you simply got to skills to like truly and unconditionally.  Happy anniversary!


I knew someday you’d make an ideal life partner for somebody.  Congratulations on completing another year of a cheerful marriage.  Happy anniversary friend.


You have survived numerous years together, but the spark of attention you’ve got in your eyes has remained unchanged.  Happy Anniversary! 


You have that type of affection in your heart which will do the unimaginable. Your marriage has worked fine for therefore a few years because your love was one among a sort.  Happy Anniversary!
You have stood by one another altogether in the great and bad times altogether these years. Congratulations on successfully spending another year of married life.  Happy Anniversary to you.
It’s always amazing to ascertain you together as a cheerful couple.  True love like this is often so rare to seek out nowadays.  Wishing you an exquisite wedding anniversary!
You have spent years together that a lot of couples envy.  I wish you a cheerful anniversary. Stay happy and joyful forever as you usually are!
You have shown the planet that when two people truly love one another, nothing can weaken the bond they share.  All my best wishes to you on this special occasion!
The one that said happiness can’t be seen was dead wrong.  Watching you two,  anyone can see the bucket of happiness you guys share.  I wish you an everlasting married life.
When I see you together, I wonder if there ever existed something like an unhappy marriage.  Because you made me believe marriages can only be happy, sweet and joyful!


God truly made you two just for one another.  He just brought you together just to point out to the planet what a cheerful marriage seems like.  Take my heartiest good wishes to you!
May the celebration today end up being even as fantastic as you two as a few.  Dear friend, I’m really proud to ascertain you happily married to the love of your life.
The twinkle of your eyes and therefore the smile on your face tells tons about marriage.  Congratulations to my friend for spending a year loving one another.
You walked down a gorgeous aisle and took your vows to guard one another from every harm.  Many thanks for staying faithful yourselves.  Happy anniversary, Friend.
May your love keep it up growing and someday,  become the epic romance one has ever seen.

Test Messages for Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother


Congratulations to you for showing us that true love and loyalty still exists.  You and your lovely wife deserve all the appreciation today.  Happy Anniversary!


Your marriage is simply as beautiful as you both are as few.  Congratulations dear brother for completing numerous of married life together!  Happy anniversary!

Not all relationships can stand the test of your time.  Only those that are tied to true love and determination can conquer time and distance all directly. Congratulations on your anniversary! 


May you enjoy a cheerful and productive marriage till the last breath of yours.  Hope all the enjoyment be yours on today. Happy Anniversary brother!


I am so happy for you today because of almighty that he blessed my brother with the right wife and a happy marriage. Happy anniversary to you!


May the smile on your face be there always until forever.  I wish you an everlasting marriage filled with love and looking after one another.  Happy Anniversary!


May the love you share still grow as annually goes by.  May your married life be crammed with the grace of almighty within the coming years. Happy Anniversary.


May your marriage be blessed with love, trust, and compassion for every other.  May you enjoy the fruits of your undying, unconditional love till the last days of your life.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister




I always knew one day you’d make an excellent wife for your husband. You’re always the simplest at what you are doing. Happy Anniversary!

May we still add more chapters to the book of your marriage.  I wish nothing but a lifetime of togetherness for both of you.  Happy Anniversary, Sister!
You are a blessing to your husband.  Congratulations for creating such a cheerful one.  many thanks for creating us proud. Happy Anniversary Sister!
I want to wish you and your husband a really peaceful and romantic married life ahead. You’ve got to make it obvious that with true love,  people can do the impossible.  Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to you for yet one more year of showing us how to make a wedding happy and long-lasting, you’re an inspiration!  Happy Anniversary.
Those who say that happiness can’be seen, should have a glance at you two. You only look so perfect and happy together.  Happy anniversary dear sister! 
Yours is the most beautiful and romantic marriage I have ever seen in my life.  Today, I wish you many more years of affection and compassion for every other. Happy anniversary!
I am so happy that you’ve found the proper one as your life partner.  May your bond still grow stronger ever. Warmest wishes on your anniversary! 


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