7 best telugu wife and husband jokes in telugu

7 Best Telugu Wife And Husband Jokes in Telugu

Telugu Wife And Husband Jokes: Proving that opposites attract, these jokes are sure to have you laughing at the banter between husband and wife in Telugu, whether it’s about what each of them does when they’re away from home or how they try to outsmart each other. Here are 10 of the best Telugu husband wife jokes to tickle your funny bone. Check them out!

Telugu Wife and  Husband Jokes in Telugu Funny


wife and husband funny jokes in telugu


  1. Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to their favorite bone. Wife&husband jokes telugu:
  2. Another man’s wife is none of your business – but another man’s girlfriend is very much your business!
  3. Do not argue with a woman when she’s tired- or rested! 4. A dog is a better manager than a man – if you want something done find someone who loves you more than he loves himself… then get him a dog!




Top Best Telugu Wife and Husband Jokes in Telugu


Telugu Wife and Husband Jokes Top 10 Best Telugu Wife and Husband Jokes in Telugu: What happens when a husband and wife joke in Telugu? Find out here…


Wife and Husband Jokes Telugu


Take a look at our list of best telugu wife and husband jokes. Read funny and humorous telugu jokes with meaning and telugu translation. These are awesome funny jokes which you will love to share with your friends and relatives. Tulu language is famous for humor, these funny quips make you laugh hard. My name is Sarath Kumar by profession but I like reading joke books very much because they have been always my source of fun and entertainment. This time I found some wonderful joke books which has been written by various writers. So I have prepared an excellent collection of one liners on different topics including science, politics, social issues etc so that it can entertain people who loves good content. You can easily download them to your pc or laptop as well as read directly from web using internet connection.




Husband and Wife Jokes in Telugu


The Aunty went to see a surgeon regarding plastic surgery, on her way home she passed by a pet shop and saw a little dog inside. When she looked closely she could not believe her eyes, it was her husband! How did you get here? asked the Aunty. The husband replied: I ran away from home after an argument with your mother. The Aunty said: You stupid idiot! You have run away from home just because of an argument with my mother?

Jokes on Wife and Husband in Telugu


A husband asks his wife, Why are you crying? The wife replies, The mouse ate my cheese. Another man asks his wife why she is so upset, and she says, I think there are insects between my leg and sock. These are some jokes that will bring a smile to your face. Read more on what we wrote below! We have come up with 15 best best husbands and wives jokes in telugu: What is favorite season for couples? Monsoon What did husband say when he found his wife’s bra on floor under bed? So many women love me. Husband asked a woman how much did it cost? She replied 50 rupees.


Wife and Husband Telugu Jokes


  1. Wife asked husband, if she die first what will you do? Answer: You go first, i’ll look for another wife like you. That why we live together before marriage.

  2. What is difference between husband and God? Answer: Only one that God helps those who help themselves and husband helps those who can’t help themselves.

  3. If a man speaks three times a day, he is garrulous; if he speaks twice, he commits a breach of propriety; once only, and he talks too little; not at all, and he suffers from silence.

  4. Why did Lakshmi marry Vishnu? Answer: Because she was tired of living with a man who lived in every woman’s house..

  5. Who is best in predicting future of married couple? Answer: Babysitter

  6. In how many days husband dies after marriage?

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