5 Best Free Blogger Responsive Templates Under $7

Best Free Blogger Responsive TemplatesWe found some very low cost blogger templates. This template was very useful for beginners. These templates are very user-friendly, mobile friendly and SEO friendly.  If you need to buy these templates, definitely grow your blogging traffic, SEO and Revenue Also. 


Choose the Best Free Blogger Responsive Templates Under $7




1. Helvetica

Helvetica is additionally optimized and very lightweight, which makes it supply higher effects than the giant majority of the modern blogger templates presently available.

Helvetica is one of the best blogger template for beguneurs.  It is good looking and responsive blogger template.  It is a very simple design that can be fully customized with the bloggers own standard tools. 

Helvetica can additionally be very essential when speakme about making cash from Adsense.  By having a number of strategic areas for ads, such as native in-feed advertisements for the blogger himself and additionally having advertisements that can be brought inside the publish by means of short codes.

Where can Niche use Helvetica?  In each and every niche! That’s right.  Since it is entirely customizable you can alternate colors, fonts, backgrounds.  In different words, you can create a variety of designs that suit into any content material in your blog.




2. Frameify

Frameify is an expert blogger template.  The diagram is easy and very clean, which makes the web sites that use it load as speedy as possible, which is extraordinarily essential for the search engine optimization of your site.  It’s utterly customizable so you can create numerous exceptional designs the use of the equal template.  Freamify additionally has a couple of advert areas which are excellent for growing your advert earnings.  



3. Fastify

Fastify is a powerful blogger template when it comes to making money from Adsense, since it comes with several strategic areas to add your ads.  And of course, Fastify is fully optimized to load faster,  which is great for increasing the visibility of your site in search engines.  In addition, fastify comes with several custom widgets and is also fully customizable so you can leave them with the face of your business.  



4 Ophelia 

Ophelia is an expert trend blogger theme with easy graph and very beautiful, but is fully customizable permitting you to trade colours, fonts, widths and backgrounds.  Ophelia has search engine marketing optimized and is very fast, which will help you to get higher consequences in the search engines.  When it comes to growing advert earnings, it no longer disappoints due to the fact it has strategic areas to add your ads, whether or not they’re Adsense or third-party ads. 



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