How to Take Backup of Your Mobile Data Via Google Account

How to Take Backup of Your Mobile Data Via Google Account with simple steps.  Will this article help you save your data?  

Learn How to Take Backup of your Android Mobile Data Via Google Account

How to Take Backup of Your Mobile Data Via Google Account

One of the perks of owning an Android Mobile is that most of the backing up of the backing up of the data is done automatically within certain intervals.  But that’s only when you are signed into your Google Account on your Android Mobile.  Through this signed-in Account, Google automatically backs up most of your data-including the details of your Android settings and display preferences.  Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Wait thats not all Google also saves all those precious photos and videos! If you haven’t yet…here’s how you can enable this setting and take a backup of your data via Google Account.
Go to Settings –> Tap on Backup and Restore or Backup and Reset
If your phone has both “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore”, make sure to enable both wswiping the toggle on.
Tap and select all the options listed to ensure that the data is synced with your Google Account.
Note : Some procedure to enable Google Account could differ from device to device.
If your data frequently needs to be shared, you can always look for other could storage options.  Apart from Google Drive, there are other alternatives like Dropbox that you can go for.  Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox too can transfer images, videos etc.. from your Android Mobile to your PC, Laptop or Mac.  Here’s how you can setup Dropbox in your device. 
Follow the Steps : 
  1. Download Dropbox on your phone and computer (Recommended) or go to


  2. Create an account and fill in your information.


  3. If you download the app, Dropbox will create a folder in your hard drive.


  4. Drag and drop any photos or files you want into the folder. 


  5. Dropbox will automatically sync these files online and to any other computer or mobile device linked to your account.



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