A Step-by Step Guide to How To Connect Mobile To Tv

How to connect mobile to tv is a topic that many individuals have spent time struggling with.  Luckily for you, there step-by-step directions below on how to do this-so get ready.  and start reading!  This is a basic guide to help you connect your mobile device to your TV, which can you need assistance with live events, streaming videos and more!


How To Connect Mobile To TV Easy


How to connect mobile to tv a topic that many individuals have spent time struggling with.  Luckily for you, there are step-by-step directions below on  how to do this – so get ready and start reading!+


Observe These 4 Steps to Connect Mobile With TV


These days, it seems like everyone has a smart phone.  But what about these people that do not or for those people who have grown tired of starting at their small screen all the time? For these people there is this solution called ‘reverse view which can help them to see the same stuff on their TV instead.  You will find out everything you need to know about this here as we breakdown all the answers to your questions in an easy manner so as to make you feel quite surprised!




Step 1 :  Plugging In Two Devices, 

Step 2 : Switching TV input to HDMI

Step 3 : Connect Devices Via Wireless

Step 4 : Chrome cast is the second Device 

Step 1 : plug in one of the HDMI cables and plug in the power adaptor or USB cable.

Step 2 : Plug the Xbox into an available input on your TV using THE HDMI cable.  Plug the provided Xbox 360 power cord into the power outlet.

Step 3 : The current model (for those in the United States) is the Samsung QLED 4K.  It is recommended by experts who use it themselves, and it’s been confirmed by their team of guest reviewers to be a good choice.  If you already won a Samsung TV or just want to keep your current one, you can also try to connect your phone which has the same operating system.  TV should be off when you start this process.  Plug the HDMI cable from your TV into the RCA cable (a red, white or yellow plug).  This will tell you which one to check first for a signal.  If you find a signal on channel 3 simply switch to that channel and have your TV displayed on it. 




Step 4 :  Opening the mobile app and Connecting to TV 


The last step is connecting the mobile app to your TV by selecting “Connect an additional display” from the main menu.  You’ll then need to select which device you want your TV paired with.  First, go to the TV icon from the home screen of your mobile device.  Now, press and release the “Input” key or button for half a second on your TV remote control.  Next, select “Smart Features.”  Alternatively, you can enter input on the remote control disc preset mode – in which case after your press it for half a second and release it completely again, a green indicator light will show up and start blinking.  On your mobile device’s TV app, select “Device Connectivity,” then click on “Connect Mobile Device.”  


Watch This Video : How To Connect Mobile To TV




With all the information you now have about how to connect your mobile phone with your TV, it should be easier for you to choose which option will work best for you and the type of TV that you have.  Don’t forget, if you have any questions just post them down in the comments below and we’ll answer them as soon as possible! 


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