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A Step by Step Guide On How to Generate SBI ATM Pin

How to Generate SBI ATM Pin : Have you ever forgotten your ATM pin? If so, this guide is for you. Here are the steps to take in order to recover your ATM pin:

How to Generate SBI ATM Pin

There are two ways to generate an SBI ATM PIN. Before you can generate a PIN, you need to link your sbi account to the app and create a password for it. If you already have a password for your online banking account, use t

hat password. Next, download the SBI App on Android or iOS and select ‘Personal Banking’ in the menu bar. Enter the credentials and click ‘Login.’ A screen will then ask you to enter your debit card number, so type it in with its correct digits and hit confirm. Your PIN will be generated using this information and displayed on screen (make sure to write this down).

Steps to Generate Your Own SBI ATM Pin

Step 1: Login to the net banking page

Step 2: Reach your account

 details page

Step 3: Enter the debit card number, expiry date and CVV number of your own card

Step 4 provides an image that depicts what one should enter.

Step 5: Generate a new pin number and then select on the highlighted box ‘generate SBI Pin’

Requirements For a New ATM Card


You need to have a sbi atm card and be on campus to generate your pin.

1- Visuals Take a 1 minute break, stretch your hands, walk around

 for 5 minutes, or do jumping jacks to improve blood flow

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2- Let go of your tension: Notice where you’re holding tight in the back and shoulders, find what level of ‘stressed’ you are, and then relax it. Don’t tense up again. For example: If I rate my stress as 95% prior to seating down to work and I only give myself 15% time before feelings it pop again then I could: Deep breath – Notice the emotions causing this stress and name them ‘worry’ – Find where these emotions are located in my body (usually in chest) – Tap my head conditioning focus on relaxation

How to Change Mobile Number in SBI ATM

If you’re experiencing double SMS alerts on your mobile, it’s possible that the bank might have re-routed the message or your SIM-card might have been changed. Try adding the number to your profile:

 You can make changes in various ways, so refer to each bank’s policies.


 If you haven’t remembered your PIN , you will then need to contact the bank for possible future use and request a change. SMS via text message services are fast and efficient; but unfortunately, it also has its disadvantages. If that doesn’t work, call the company’s customer service department, using the number on the back of your credit card. 

How to Change Mobile Number in SBI ATM

  1. Go to the ATM and press personal at the bottom
  2. Once you are on that screen, enter your new mobile number and then press OK
  3. Type in your old number and then press Change Number

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