A Step by Step Guide on How To Change Google Language

How To change Google Language: Google has made it much easier for people to switch their Google Language, making it possible to change everything from the Google search engine,  Chrome extension and features according to your geographic location, your mother language.  Learn in this article how you can go about changing your Google language.  Have questions?  Wondering if all your settings will be transferred seamlessly? No worries!  Read on to find out more.

How To Change Google Language on Desktop

Google has multiple language options for the Google Language Selector:  “Select your preferred language for Google Search, including web results and features.”

Find the drop down in the upper right of Google’s search page and hover your cursor over “Settings”

Select “Languages” in the drop-down menu that appears.

Click on “Languages”  again within this new interface to be given a list of Google’s supported languages and their selections for your desired language, including English (UK)

Hint:  Check the bottom of the browser window.

If for some reason the language is still undesirable, go to “tools” if you are on a PC or “settings” if on Mac, and then click on “Language.”  The Digital Readjustment Man will appear and ask if your preferred language is listed.  If not, select from the list of languages found there.

How to change Google language on your Android or iOS device (iPhone)

A small guide can help you change the system language of your Google without deleting all user data on your phone.

Open the Google App. Enter the initial letters of your language in “Go to Languages” and tap on the one that is written in your native language.  Then, tap on the menu button.  Next, tap “Search Google and and type in text here”.  In this case, type “hola” as that the native as that is the native language for example purposes.  Finally press “Done”  or touch outside of the window to enter a space for a new word so you can type something else.  

Watch This Video on How To Change Google Language Easily

How To Change Google Language in Laptop

How to change Google Language on your laptop Since people use Google on their laptops a lot, they may want the language or other settings to match their preferences on their computer. There are two ways in which such changes can be made. The user can either go through their browser’s Settings and set a different language and/or customize other settings or go directly to the Preferences option on which may have more options for changing.

To change the google language on your laptop,

1.Log into your google account

2. Click the arrow next to “Settings”

3.Click “Language address”

4.Click “Show me language source”

5.Click “Add languages”

How To Change Google Language on iPhone

Changing the language in your “Google Settings” app should be the first thing to do. From that menu, find and open your “Launauge preferences”, which is where you can easily change the settings for your default language. You can also add well known dialects into that language list from here as well. Furthermore, if “Voice Search” isn’t working correctly on your phone, it may be because you set up English as a Voice Search language instead of English (United States). The setting of “Voice Search” in Google App might have already changed to English (United States) upon installing an iOS 9 update.


Additional tips and tricks

You will be able to change Google Language on your desktop or mobile device by clicking on the hamburger button in the upper left-hand corner. Then locate ‘Settings’. Once there find and tap on ‘Search’. You should now see ‘Google Settings’ which will display your Google language. Clicking on it will take you back to your home screen where you can select a different language and see how it looks side-by-side with your current one.

Back at ‘Google Settings’, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a list of languages including their name, number of speakers, and time zone for each. If wanted, users can even switch the simplified Chinese (used primarily in mainland China,) Japanese, Russian and Korean input methods for bilingual input method. Users can also adjust what they want displayed when they are typing in foreign languages that use non-Latin scripts and to prevent unsecure content from showing up as search results while browsing webpages that may contain sensitive client data or personal information.

  1. Login to your google sign-in account of web page, in the upper right go to “language settings”
  2. Choose the language you want to use
  3. Click “save” button on the bottom of page

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