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80+ Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Text Messages

Wedding anniversary Wishes and Images: The wedding  anniversary is among the foremost special days in one’s life.  It’s each day to celebrate the heavenly bond created between a husband and wife through marriage.  If you’re on the brink of a few that’s going to celebrate their anniversary anytime soon, then you want to be prepared to wish them some special words for the special day.  You will even be the one to wish your partner a cheerful wedding anniversary!  You don’t always need an unprecedented set of words to impress the couples.  All you would like is to possess a glance at these anniversary wishes for your wife or husband, couple or friend, spouse or partner, sister or brother, parents or your loved ones.

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes…   

May the love you share become stronger as both of you get older together. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

I’m  thankful to god for sending you into my life.  I’m thankful to you for holding my hand forever.  Happy Anniversary dear! I really like you!

May today bring countless joys to your life.  May the approaching years of your life be spent loving and caring for every other.  Happy Anniversary!

I wish both of you thousand years of happy married life. Hope the enjoyment of today sticks with you forever and until the last breath.  Happy Wedding Anniversary! 

May Godhead, together with his divine power and beauty, make your bond stronger and make it last forever. I wish both of you a cheerful married life.  Happy Anniversary! 

My love, you’ll never fade. I even have loved you altogether those years and I’ll love you till my last breath.  Happy Anniversary!

Being under an equivalent roof is the happiest period of my life.  You’ve given me such a lot love and care over the years.  I wish you a cheerful Anniversary dear!.  

Happy anniversary! Finding the proper person is often difficult but I knew from the beginning that you, simply my friend, have just found the proper one for you. 

May you be keen on one another and appearance after another till the top of the day.  May the holy bond of marriage between you grow stronger and more romantic each day!

I am really happy that the two have simply spent another year of sweet married life. May the love and affection you’ve got for everyone else still grow within the coming years! 


Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes…

Thank you for being my mate in life, many thanks for creating my heart crammed with enormous happiness. Wish you cheerful anniversary my dear husband. 

I’m such a lot happy to possess you in my life, many thanks for everything! happy Anniversary wishes to my lovely wife.

Only two good and pure hearts can form such a heavenly union.  May the love you share still grow in your heart as your marriage continues to grow in days and years! 

Once again, the time has come to seem back a year and believe in all the gorgeous moments you shared together, My good wishes for both  of you.   
Happy wedding anniversary!  Wish you many more years like this one ahead in your life. 

There’s nothing as wonderful as seeing a happily married pair.  Your happiness always reflects by the smile on your face and the enjoyment of your eyes!  Happy wedding anniversary! 

The love and respect you’ve got for every other is unimaginable.  You two are the sweetest, loveliest lovebirds I have ever known.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad! 

Happy Wedding Anniversary!  I wish you many more years like this one ahead in your life.

May the love you’ve got for every other still blossom sort of a rose with each passing year.  Happy Anniversary to you!

The kind of affection you share is exclusive and everlasting.  It’s the sort that grows stronger with time and provides inspiration to others. Happy Wedding Anniversary.  

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Marriage Anniversary Wishes Text Messages

I hope per annual our love increases and reaches new heights.  Happy Anniversary to my lover.

Cheers to a different year of making beautiful memories together.  May God bless you two together forever Anniversary!  

You have all the ingredients of affection that an ideal couple shares.  You’ve always been an idea to us.  Wishing you a cheerful wedding anniversary!  

This is a big day that’s reserved for both of you truly deserve it.  May you discover more reasons to like one another as you get older together.  Happy Wedding Anniversary! 

You have all the ingredients of affection that an ideal couple shares.  You’ve always been an idea to us.  Wishing you a cheerful wedding anniversary! 

May this big day be one among the foremost memorable days of your life.  Sending my warmest wishes as you celebrate another year of staying faithful to each other!  

Wishing the right pair an ideal year ahead.  I hope you retain on boosting one another and still be this amazing in your fantastic relationship.

I am so blessed to be married to someone as wonderful as you.  I really like you so much!  Happy anniversary darling. 

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully completed another year of marriage together with your beloved. 

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Wedding Anniversary Greetings & Messages

Wishing the right pair an ideal year ahead. I hope you retain on boosting one another and still have this amazing and fantastic relationship.

Thank you for proving that marriage may be a blessing and making me want to believe fairy tales in the real world.  May the Lord always bless you two.  Happy Anniversary.

You inspire everyone together with your everlasting love.  Many thanks for showing us the proper thanks to complement one another during a marriage.  Happy Wedding Anniversary. 

Celebrate and luxuriate in this beautiful day which is merely reserved for you.  Sending you love and sweet wishes on your anniversary.

May both of you reside together to celebrate 100 years of your wonderful journey together.  May every day you share be more beautiful than the last.  May God Bless You. 

An anniversary is essentially a reminder of all the ups and downs that you simply have skilled which your partner.  Adore and love one another throughout your lifetime!  Happy Anniversary. 

Having both of you as a few in our lives is nothing but a blessing! Happy anniversary, dear!  I’m so happy for you guys. Cheers to you all and any of the upcoming anniversaries.

It’s the day I used to be married to the sweetest, most beautiful person in the world. In any case these years, I can’t believe you simply grew to be sweeter and more beautiful! 

Thanks for loving me, caring on behalf of me and fighting with me. I will never be able to get uninterested in being with you under an equivalent roof.  Happy Marriage anniversary to my lovely Husband.

May god bless your heavenly bond and provides you all the happiness that you simply deserve and far more. Happy Anniversary.  


Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes For Free

Congratulations to at least one of the foremost romantic couples that we’ve ever witnessed.  May the Lord bless you and always keep you together.  Happy Anniversary.

People achieve all kinds of things.  Some achieve success, some achieve cash.  But I achieved a devotee and that I tied him up with me forever.  Happy Marriage Anniversary Sweet Heart! 

Sending you tons of affection, admiration, and blessings for your life together.  Happy Anniversary.  Enjoy your life together to the fullest.  Seeing you two together makes me so happy.  

Heartiest wishes for your anniversary.  May this anniversary bring you happiness, luck, and success in your lives.  Have an excellent day and an excellent life ahead.  Many happy Returns of the day.

On this very big day of yours, sending you all my warm love.  I hope you get blessed with the very ounce of happiness within the world.  Happy Anniversary.

I hope you two know that you guys are simply each other’s soulmates.  I feel so happy that you guys simply met and decided to stay with one another.  Happy Anniversary. 

The love that you guys simply share is one among a kind! Happy Anniversary, hold on to every other forever and always.  May God Bless You Two.



Wedding Anniversary Message for Couple-Latest

Seeing you together,  always happy and smiling makes me realize that a cheerful marriage still exists. God bless both of you by supplying you with to every other.  Happy Anniversary. 

A happy marriage doesn’t just happen to people, they need to make it a cheerful one. Congratulations to both of you for creating it to work for such an extended time.  Happy Anniversary!

Your marriage is among the foremost beautiful bonds that I have ever seen.  You guys deserve tons of appreciation for creating such a robust one.  Happy Anniversary!         

The number of years you’ve spent together tells us more about your marriage than we will every say about it, you two are just unbelievably awesome.

You two have given this marriage such strength over the years that nothing during this world can break in now. Happy anniversary to both of you lovebirds! 

It’s not about the candles or the lights, it’s about the spark of affection in your eyes that ignites whenever you check out one another. Happy Anniversary!

The years you’ve spent together only says one thing, that’s you both were truly and only made for every other.  Happy Anniversary to both of you!  

It’s difficult to form a wedding work nowadays.  But you have proved once more that true love doesn’t know any barrier.  Happy anniversary!  

May heaven bless you so you’ll overcome any difficulties and luxuriate in every moment of happiness together.  Happy Anniversary.  

Thank you for showing us what real-life “Happily ever after”  means.  Best wishes for today and for all the time to return. Happy Anniversary.

The years you’ve spent together only says one thing, that’s you both were truly and only made for every other.  Happy Anniversary to both of you! 

May heaven bless you so you’ll overcome any difficulties and luxuriate in every moment of happiness together.  Happy Anniversary to you two. 

Your love is so inspiring and ever-rising. You bring the simplest out of every other within the gentlest way possible.  Happy Anniversary, Love Birds.  

Happy Anniversary to the couple who inspires me day.  You guys complete one another.  Only best wishes to you guys.



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