8 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Name on Tinder

How to Change Your Name on Tinder : If you use the dating app Tinder, you have probably received several matches from people who have the same name as you. These are not cute coincidences, however, but rather someone in your proximity trying to take advantage of your good looks and sweet personality by swiping right on your Tinder profile and seeing if they can get away with it. If this bothers you — and it’s only going to get worse — then you should change your name on Tinder immediately by following these simple steps. Here are 8 reasons why you should change your name on Tinder immediately.


1) Open up new opportunities


Changing your name on your dating profile will open up opportunities you didn’t know existed. It can also give your profile a more romantic appeal, and it lets people see who you really are. Now that you have another option, don’t feel pressured to stick with an old name that doesn’t represent who you are anymore. Feel free to change it if needed! Changing your name won’t hurt anyone else or stop anyone from contacting you; in fact, most people probably won’t even notice a difference since only YOU get to see it! The best part about having a new nickname is you can act like an entirely different person when using it—in many ways, allowing yourself to be vulnerable or letting down your guard without revealing any of your personal information or past relationships. A completely fresh start helps meet new and exciting people while building stronger friendships as well.


2) A clean slate attracts




Having a fresh name can bring in new, more appealing matches. What’s in a name? A lot if you’re lucky enough to choose your own. Take advantage of that option and drop any names that may be holding you back! Here are a few good reasons why you should change your Tinder name:


1. To match your first or last name

2. To reflect a nickname

3. To give yourself something positive

4. If people don’t recognize it

5. Because I said so

6. The options are limited

7. Because 80% of profiles have changed their name

8. It shows confidence While these tips focus specifically on changing names on Tinder, they could also apply when setting up an account on any social media site, including Facebook and Twitter. Keep those rules in mind before you dive into another rebranding project!

Tinder only allows one username change per profile (you must use either your real full name or no username at all), but fortunately there are other online dating sites that do not have such restrictions.


3) It shows maturity


When you change your name on Tinder, it shows that you are growing as a person and moving past your old ways. Your old name no longer fits who you are today. This could mean that now is a good time to change your last name, too! If changing your first name feels too scary or out of character for you, try changing part of your name – switching to one-syllable names like Chanel (instead of Chanell) or Blake (instead of Blakie). Once people see how much cooler/more mature/sophisticated you are with just one letter change, they’ll want to call you by all kinds of one-syllable words instead. We promise: it’s worth a shot.


6) If you don’t change your name, people may think that you are hiding something

If you’re single and using Tinder, there are a few important reasons why you should consider changing your name. However, if you don’t want to change your name people may think that there is something wrong with you. This includes hiding another relationship or hiding a past mistake that one made. They can also simply be hiding their identity from other users for whatever reason. The bottom line: There are many reasons why you should consider changing your profile name on Tinder but here is a list of 8 reasons as to why it might be time for you to consider doing so. In order to change your profile name all you need to do is follow these steps below.

1) Open up Edit Profile

2) Tap Profile

3) Scroll down until you see Name displayed on Tinder

4) Tap Save Changes

5) Now reopen your app, close out of all profiles and check out how different life will now look (hopefully better). What would I recommend? Simply put… anything! Yes, literally anything will make yourself stand out more.


Watch This Video – How to Change ur Name on Tinder



4) Use it as an opportunity to be different


Make sure your title is different than everyone else’s. If you are able to come up with a catchy and memorable title, your posts will be shared more often. Think about what makes one post in a sea of similar posts stand out from another, and put that into your post titles. For example, don’t just write something like Tips for Buying Decorative Pillows. Instead, try something like How to Buy a Decorative Pillow Without Breaking the Bank. Notice how not only does it give more information, but it also includes key phrases (buying a decorative pillow without breaking bank) that are geared towards people who might be looking for information about buying pillows.


5) The first thing people will notice is your name


and that’s how they recognize you, think of you, and remember you. That’s why so many people get a nickname from their family at birth—they want to set themselves apart. Some may not realize it but our name is more than just a label; it influences how we are perceived by others. The first thing people will notice is your name: and that’s how they recognize you, think of you, and remember you. That’s why so many people get a nickname from their family at birth—they want to set themselves apart. Some may not realize it but our name is more than just a label; it influences how we are perceived by others.


8) Keep in mind some other details.


Did you know that your first name is too boring to attract a mate? Find out 8 reasons why you should change your name on Tinder. Then get started! Tinder has made it easier than ever for singles and couples alike to connect with potential dates, flings, and other people in their area who are looking for fun. All you need is an email address, Facebook account or phone number linked to your smartphone and you’re ready to start swiping left or right (depending on if it’s a single or couple looking for love) based off criteria such as height, age, looks and how far away they are from where you live.


7) Don’t like your name? Change it!


Most of us sign up for Tinder using our legal names, but there’s no rule that says you have to use your legal name. In fact, sometimes it can be helpful to make a clean break from your given name—particularly if you don’t like it very much (or if someone else in your life has already established an online presence with that handle). Here are eight reasons why you should change your name on Tinder. When a friend shows off their favorite shirt or jeans: After one wear, would I still love it? If yes , I will keep it. If not , then out of my wardrobe it goes! I do listen to what other people think about my clothes, but ultimately these are MY clothes and I get to decide what stays and what goes. What matters most is whether I love something enough to keep wearing it . Is that too harsh?


How to change your name on Tinder


Having your name and photo pop up repeatedly can be a drag. If you’re tired of seeing an ex-boyfriend or friend request from your parents, there’s no reason to keep that information out there. Here are 8 reasons why you should change your name on Tinder. Describe how they can change their name: First, head to Edit Profile in your main menu and tap Display Settings. Then go down to Display Options, tap Change Display Name and enter in what you want displayed instead. That way all new matches will see that instead—and while they may not love it at first (at least there isn’t some crazy alias popping up) eventually it will fade into oblivion with all other useless data. Think about it like erasing embarrassing info from search engines; once enough time has passed, people won’t care anymore. For example when looking for different jobs and background checks don’t exist yet!


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