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English Jokes Very Funny…Short Jokes. A pun may be a “play on words”, so this sort of joke plays with different meanings of a word, or is predicated on words which sound equivalent – but which have a special meaning. 

Here’s an example of words that sound equivalent. 
“I visited the zoo on the opposite day.  There was only a dog in it-it had been a shihtzu”. 
Explanation:  A shihtzu may be a sort of dog. But once you say “Shihtzu” it seems like  “Sh*t Zoo”, meaning “a terrible zoo”. 
(By the way, this joke is additionally an example of a”one-liner”-a joke in only one sentence)
Here’s another example of the various meanings of a word.  
“Two aerials marry.  The ceremony was rubbish-but the reception was brilliant.”  
Explanation: Reception can mean a word. 
“Two aerials marry.  The service was a waste – yet the gathering was splendid”  
Explanation:  Reception can mean the party after the wedding, OR the sign on your TV or cell phone.

2. “A man walks into a bar” English Funny joke

A lot of jokes start with this sentence.  Then the joke continues with a touch story about a few men during a bar.  But, a bar is additionally a tough piece of wood or metal,  so you further more  may get jokes like this. 
A man walks into a bar. 
Explanation: “Ouch” is what we are saying once we hurt ourselves.
A dyslexic man walks into a bra.
Explanation:   If you’re dyslexic, you’ve got difficulty with letters.  Rather than b-a-r, the word is b-r-a (Which means women’s underwear) 

3. Mother-in-law-Funny English Jokes:

Men often tell these jokes, and they’re also considered a touch sexist and old-fashioned.  Here’s an example : 

“My mother-in-law downfield wishing me well.  I used to be amazed-I never knew they worked.”


Explanation: A wishing you well many be well (place where you’ll lower a bucket to mention water)  where you’ll make a wish-and it happens.  

4.  Cultural Jokes in English

They are supported by shared cultural knowledge,  which makes them hard to know.  Here’s an example.
Specialist, I can’t quit, spinning the green, grass of home. 
“That seems like Tom Jones syndrome.”
“Is it common?”  I asked.  
“It’s not unusual,” he replied.
Explanation: “It’s not unusual”  may be a famous song by Tom Jones.

5 English Doctor Jokes:  

A “doctor” joke may be a joke supported by an imaginary situation when a patient explains a drug to the doctor.  Here’s an example.

Patient : Doctor, I even have agony in my eye at whatever point I drink tea. 

Doctor : Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.

6  Light Bulb Jokes – Funny English Jokes in English

These consistently start with “The number of kind of individual) does it extravagant to change a lightweight bulb?”  Here’s my record-breaking top choice: 
“What number of individuals from the Socialist Workers Party does it extravagantly change a light-weight bulb?” 
“About 1,000,000.  One out, all out.” 

Explanation: “One out, all out” was a slogan employed by the Socialist Workers” party to urge everyone to “come out” on strike/take industrial action.  When we say a light-weight bulb is out, we mean it not works.

7 Joyful Funny English Jokes-Three….Jokes

Jokes are often told as little stories,  where there are three sorts of people.  A typical example is “An Englishman,  A Scottish man and a Welshman…..” Often it’s an Irishman rather than a Welshman.  These jokes are often negative about the stereotypes of those three countries.  But here’s an alternative:

A Doberman,  a retriever and a cat died and met God.  
God told them, “Disclose to me permit you to go into paradise.” 
Doberman stated, “I”ll secure you with my life”  God stated, “You can sit at my correct side.”
The retriever said,  “I will fetch your slippers and anything you inquire form me to” 
God stated,  “You can sit at my correct side.”
Finally, God checked out the cat and said,  “And what are you going to do?
The cat said, “Excuse me I feel you’re sitting in my seat.” 
Explanation:  If you’re a cat owner, you don’t need evidence for this joke!

This is a joke that was voted the funniest during a survey of 36,000 people.  
A woman gets on a bus together with her baby.  The driver says “Ugh-that’s the ugliest infant I’ve ever seen!” 
The lady strolls  to the back of the transport and flunks down.
She tells the individual close to her.  “The driver just offended me!”
The man says:  “You go up there and breathe him:  
Go on.  I’ll hold your monkey for you.”
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