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7 Best Instagram Filters and How To Use Each One

Best Instagram Filters: There are plenty of Instagram filters to choose from – some might not be as popular as others, but they can all be helpful in creating the right mood for your photo. But which filter is the best one to use? Check out our list below!

7 popular instagram filters and how to use Each One

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 700,000,000 monthly active users. Instagram filters are a big reason people enjoy using the app so much. Find out which filters have become popular and what they’re used for!

X-Pro II: A cool-looking filter with a vintage look

Nashville: Creates a dreamy and moody environment

Hefe: Reminiscent of a wheat beer

Toaster: Creates an orange tone in your photo

Lo-Fi: A filter that provides a low quality look to the picture

Hefe II: Tones down the oranges and browns from Hefe

Earlybird: Provides a vintage, soft look


How To Use The Best Instagram Filters on Your Phone

In this article  explained the complete guide on which is the best Instagram filter for your bright posts and how to use these filters on Instagram.

– Valencia: Use this filter to give your photos a warm, vintage feel.

– Rise: Sunrises, sunsets and landscapes look great with this filter.

– Sierra: This filter is great for pictures with high contrast.

– Mayfair: Use this filter to create outdoor scenes that have a summer time vibe.

– Ludwig: Ludwig filters produce an image that is softer and more muted in colors than traditional Instagram filters.

– Sutro: Sutro filters are good for taking moody, dark photos of people, dramatic skies or cityscapes at night.

– Toaster: Toaster will give your images a uniquely burnt look by adding dots and discolorations to the photo (similar to how an old VHS tape would look).

Whether you’re new to Instagram or just looking for new ways to edit your photos, the app has seven built-in filters that come in handy. To apply a filter, tap on the photo and swipe left or right. There are three main types of filters: light, dark and teeth whitening.

How to use an Instagram filter?


Instagram filters are a great way to make your pictures look unique. When you take a picture, use the filter that is the best for that particular photo. For example, if you have an image with a lot of blue in it, then you may want to use the Kelvin filter since it will help to boost and maximize any color, but if you have a black and white photo then Neutrals is best because it won’t mess with the colors or hide them.

The purpose of the filter is to enhance the photo. Most filters have an aesthetic purpose and do not change or distort the photo in any way.

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