6 Steps Only Add your Custom Domain on Blogger

6 Steps Only add your Custom Domain on Blogger  

How to set up  Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy.com

Blogger Custome spaces are more similar to a Vanity URL for your BlogSpot blog. It will permit you to make a superior and simple to recollect URL. (For instance: from yourblog 1235.blogspot.com to yourblog.com).

Blogger permits you to flawlessly incorporate it with any space name. To begin you need to make your GoDaddy area to highlight Google’s workers.  This straightforward instructional exercise will direct you bit by bit with screen captures and guidelines to make it simpler for you.

Blogger Custome Domain on GoDaddy :

Purchase a space name from GoDaddy.com Area names are not free however they around 10-12 $ every year. While purchasing ensure that you don’t accept the facilitating or web designer bundles from GoDaddy as these are not required for setting up a blogger blog.

When you have purchased your preferred space name, log in to your Godday account and go to the areas segment as appeared in the beneath screen capture  

1. Buy a domain name from GoDaddy.com. Domain name are not free but cost around 10-12$ per year.  While buying make sure that you don’t buy the hosting or website builder packages from Godaddy as these are not required for setting up a blogger blog. 

2.  Once you have bought the domain name of your choice, login to your Godaddy account and go to the domains section as shown in the below screenshot. 

Now click on the “Domain Details” of the domain which you have bought. 

Godaddy dns zone file 2 2

3. Go to “DNS Zone File” section and click on “Add Record” 

4. File in the details for the CNAME Record as shown in the image and click “Add another”  

Godaddy cname record 2 3

The details to use are : 

Record Type : CNAME

Host  : WWW.

Points to  ghs.google.com

TTL : 1 hour

Godaddy domain details 2 5

Any other record has shown under the A host section with Host value set @ should be deleted using the Delete icon under Actions (This step is very important) 

6.  Now click on “Save Changes: 

Godaddy save changes 2 6

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