Read This 6 Points How To Stop a Dog From Reverse Sneezing

How to stop a dog from reverse sneezing: If your dog is trying to stop sneezing, you want her to feel better as soon as possible.  Reverse sneezing can be frightening, but it’s a temporary condition that doesn’t require much treatment or attention.  Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for stopping.  You should always contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your pet’s health.  The most important thing to remember during an episode of reverse sneezing is not to panic;  it may seem like something more serious than it actually is.  Dogs sometimes experience a sudden and strong inhalation of air which causes them to gag and expel air through their nose in quick bursts while they continue normal breathing through their mouth.



6 Simple Steps Only How to stop a dog from reverse sneezing:


#1   During an episode of reverse sneezing, stay calm and continue to stoke your pet or hold her.

#2.  If your pet gets a tissue in her mouth when she’s trying to stop sneezing,  don’t worry about it;  simply remove it when she calms down. 

#3.  Try not to shout at your pet during an episode of reverse sneezing because you could startle her and make things worse.

#4.  Don’t confuse temporary episodes of reverse sneezing with other potentially more serious respiratory issues that may require immediate veterinary care (e.g., kennel cough). 

#5. Keep your veterinarian informed if your pet experiences repeated episodes of reverse sneezing.

#6. How do dog get reverse sneezing?  Just like how humans get snoring, dogs can experience what is referred to as reverse sneezing which causes them to abruptly inhale through their nose multiple times in rapid succession before regaining normal breathing through their mouths once again.  When they are done clearing out whatever was blocking their nasal passages,  they will resume normal breathing and act like nothing ever happened.  Although there isn’t much information available on why exactly some dogs suffer from reverse sneezing or how one can treat it, we do know for sure that there is no underlying cause for it.


Read These Two Steps on How To Help My Cat Stop Sneezing




How to help your cat stop sneezing?  If your cat’s sneezing or if she seems congested, don’t assume it’s kitty cold season.  The causes of cat sneezing are many – and from viruses, allergies and irritants to bacterial infections, trauma and even parasites like tapeworms,  there’s a lot that can go wrong in kitty land. Treatments for kitty cold season will vary depending on what ails your furball. 

We apply a simple method to a simple method to stop my cat sneezing.  It is based on acupressure and massaging.  So, if you have not tried these methods before,  then it is worth giving them a try.  Remember,  your pet depends on you and you need to take care of them when they are in pain or discomfort.  These are our tried and tested methods that we have used with many cats;  over 90% of them were cured by us so far. 

#1.  Cat sneezing:  Acupressure Put one hand under your kitty’s chin and place her head facing up towards you.  Then with your other hand press down into your kitty’s chin and place her head facing up towards you.  Then with your other hand press down into your kitty’s shoulder blade area at either side of their spine.  Hold for 3-5 seconds or until you see that your cat has stopped breathing out sharply.  You can repeat up to 4 times per day as needed while they are still sneezing frequently and after every time they sneeze. 

#2.  Cat Sneezing:  Acupressure (Similar to above)  With your hand, massage gently along your cat’s back from his neck all along his spine until you reach his tail bone.  Be careful to avoid pressing too hard near his hind legs since there is a major nerve centre located there which will cause him discomfort.  While rubbing you should pay special attention to loosen any knots or tension in your kitty’s muscles.  If your kitty does not like having his paws touched, try reaching under him from behind and touching/ massaging his belly instead.  Repeat about 3 times daily for about a week depending on how severe your cat’s condition is.  The idea behind both acupressure methods is to relax your cat thus helping him to breathe more easily without causing further irritation to his lungs and throat.  What to do in an emergency situation, what would you do in an emergency situation where your kitty’s breathing had completely stopped?  Of course, go immediately to get help but what could you do yourself first to keep them alive?  Having gone through such an experience already I know how horrible and heart wrenching feels when watching a loved one struggle for air. 

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