5 Romantic and Funny Jokes in Telugu and English

Funny Jokes in Telugu : You will enjoy these hilarious funny Telugu jokes, but be warned that some of the jokes may not be safe for work, so make sure you read them in private before sharing with anyone!


1) What do we call two guys having a bachelor party?


A pair of testicles! : A joke about two friends on a bachelor party. Not funny but it’s okay to make lame jokes sometimes. If you want your audience to stop listening to you, just start making bad jokes or talking about someone or something in a negative way. That’s what we call trolling or being an internet troll and if you are not careful with your words, people will stop following you and might even tell others not to follow you as well. Do you ever wonder why certain YouTube channels that have millions of subscribers get all their videos down-voted? It’s because they can’t control their emotions and say things like I don’t really like such-and-such person/product/group/etc.


2) Where does Dracula take his girlfriend on their first date?


Dracula takes his girlfriend to a scary movie. After all, he wants to make sure she’s not easily scared. It doesn’t work—when they see their first vampire on screen, his lady friend screams her head off. Later that night at dinner, he breaks up with her and tells her it just won’t work out. She starts crying and asks why? He looks into her eyes and says because you have no soul. Then she bursts into laughter and says: Ha! You idiot!


3) Why did the chicken cross the road?


Because it was fowl play. The origin of that joke dates back to ancient Greece. Around 400 B.C., Greek playwright Aristophanes wrote a comedy about a philosopher named Socrates and his disciple, Chaerephon, who wanted to figure out whether or not he was skilled with words. In one scene, Socrates encounters a talking fox and instructs Chaerephon to ask him what’s on the other side of a nearby river in order to prove his eloquence.


4) How do you measure a man’s intelligence?

The professor asks a student, How do you measure a man’s intelligence? The student replies, Well you could give him an intelligence test. To which professor says, Okay, give me an example of an intelligence test. The student replies, I don’t know any? To which professor says. Then how do you expect to give one to anyone else! A woman gives birth to twins and, when she goes to check them out, finds three doctors in her room: a cardiologist who specializes in hearts and chest pain; an oncologist who treats cancer; and a psychiatrist, who has had lots of experience with mental problems. The mother begins ranting about how it is impossible for two babies to be born at once. She continues by saying that her husband had recently been unfaithful with several women because he was drunk during his 30th anniversary dinner party.


6) Why did god invent alcohol?


God invented alcohol because he loves us and wants us to be happy. And if you think about it, is there any better way for people to unwind after a long day than with a couple of drinks? When someone says this would go great with a drink, there is no more perfect response than I know just what you mean! Alcohol makes people happy and that’s exactly why God invented it. Isn’t it nice to know that you can always rely on Him? We may not understand everything He does, but He knows best and we should accept His decision. And as a reward for being such good followers, He came up with something even better: wine spritzers!


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