5 Easy Steps To Changing Your Name on Facebook

How To Changing Your Name On Facebook:  Changing your name on Facebook can seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than your think!  Here are three easy steps to changing your name on Facebook, from start to finish. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Step1 : Log in to Facebook: 

Log into your account and select settings on your page.  If you do not have Facebook page, you will need to create one before proceeding.  After logging in, navigate to settings and select account settings.  This can be found in the menu left of your screen, select About from under General Info. Here you will be able to change your name by clicking update info and follow further prompts (Remember you must legally change it first). 

Step 2: Go to Settings

To edit your name on Facebook, you’ll need to log in and head to your settings. Click Account in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage. You should see a few options listed under Settings. Choose Name from the list. You should now be able to update your first and last names along with a tagline about yourself (your cover photo). Choose Save Changes when you’re done!

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Step 3: Click Edit under General

You’ll now be able to edit your name in all of these places. Be sure that your legal name and preferred first name are both listed as your names. (Optional): If you want to change what people call you in conversation, click on How do you want people to refer to you? Selecting use my full name (e.g., Bob Smith) will keep anyone from calling you by any other names. This includes nicknames and pet names; it would not let someone you know on a more personal level address you by another name. However, if you pick Nickname or Pet Name, select Add a nickname or pet name: Then enter your second choice for how people should address you in a social setting. Click Save Changes to save all changes made here!

Step 4: Enter new name

After you’ve entered your new name and click on Save Changes, you will be asked to change your display name. This is similar to changing your name on email accounts. Click Save Changes. If someone sends you a friend request, then they will see that you have changed your name but they won’t see who it used to be unless they hover over it in their request screen. You may also check off the box to hide from searches. Once you do so, if anyone goes looking for your old name, they will not find anything related to you after your last name or first initial are typed into Facebook search bar.


Step 5: Save Changes

Before you can save any of your changes, you must agree to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  If you have changed a lot in one sitting, be patient! It may take some time for Facebook to process your edits; just make sure that everything is correct before hitting submit.

How to change your name on Facebook

The process of changing your name on Facebook is relatively simple. While there’s no way to change your name on Facebook without using a few settings, you can certainly do it faster than some people are able to change their own names in real life. And most importantly, once you’ve changed your name on Facebook, you can make sure that all of your friends and family know your new identity right away. Here’s how to change your name on Facebook:

Here’s how to change your name on Facebook:

  1. Go to your Facebook settings and select Account Settings from the menu.
  2. Select General Account Settings. Change My Name on Facebook Page Step
  3. Select Name. Enter in whatever you’d like as your new name, then click submit.

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