3 Easy Ways To Add Someone To a Group Text

Add Someone To a Group Text:  While it can be really fun to send hilarious group texts to our friends, sometimes you want to add someone who’s not already in the group.  Whether you want to add a new friend or get back at an ex by making them feel left out, you’ll need to know how to add someone to a group text.  Luckily it’s an easy process that will only take you three seconds!  Here are three different ways to add someone to a group text and join in the fun!


How To Add Someone Via Their Phone Number  


If you know your friend’s phone number, then it’s easy to add them to group texts.  Just start typing their name into your text as normal and hit send.  I they are part of your contact list already, their number will be added automatically after your type their first few letters.  But if they aren’t already in your contacts, you may need to enter their entire phone number manually.  Once done, tap done at the top-right corner of your keyboard.  Then open up a new text and tap group chat at the bottom right hand corner of your screen before tapping New Group Conversation…….Alternatively, you can also go to settings–>scroll down to messages–>Select group messaging — >tap on add participant……


How To Add Someone To A Group Text Via Phone Number 



How to add someone via their email address:


E-mail addresses work almost exactly like phone numbers when adding people to your group chats.  The biggest difference is that they don’t have a limit on how many characters you can type in! Open up a new text message and compose your message. 

If you and another person are in an existing group text, you’ll likely have their phone number or phone number + email address saved within your group.  To add someone via their email address,  navigate to your group text and tap on add (either at the top of your screen or next to one of your messages).


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Next, choose Add by email address from the drop-down menu.  Enter either an e-mail address or both an email address and first name. 

Finally, select Done;  once you’ve done so,  iOS will prompt you for that individual’s phone number if it doesn’t already have it saved with your contact info.  Once that’s entered, they’ll be added to your group chat!  How to add someone via phone number;  You an also simply invite an individual via his or her phone number.  Open up your group chat and tap Add Member at the bottom of your screen.  Select Invite Contact from your contacts, enter their number, then tap send to send out an invite; once accepted (which should happen immediately), that person is now part of your group conversation.      


How To Add Someone Via Google Contacts:


To add someone via google contacts, you will need to know that person’s phone number. 

Start by opening up your contacts and tapping on more in blue at the top-right corner of your screen.  A drop – down menu will appear; from her, tap Add people.

Next, choose Add by phone number from the list of options that pop up.  Then just type or say (if using voice search) a friend or colleague’s number, hit Next, and finally tap save. They should now be added to your conversation! 

This process can also be used to add yourself to a group text if you accidentally missed it.  Just enter your own phone number, select Add Me Now and press save when prompted.  Afterwards, the next time someone sends out an update with all current members included they will receive a prompt asking if they want to include yourself as well.


How To Add Someone To a Group Text iPhone 


If you want to add someone else onto your group text, open up your phone’s settings and go into messages.  Once you’re in there, select your current conversation.  Scroll down and you should see an option for add contacts.  Select that, then choose whom you want added.  Keep in mind that they have to have iMessage activated on their device as well, or they won’t be able to get those messages.



How to add someone to a group text on iPhone :  There are two ways to do it:  Open Messages, tap on your conversation thread, and tap Edit, then select Add Person.  Another way is to open messages, tap and hold where you want to add someone (like if you want them added as a group)  and choose Add Contact.  Both ways will open up contacts so you can pick who you want in there.  Once that’s done, just type out your message like normal and send!  That person will get a notification saying they’ve been added to a group chat, but they won’t see any of the messages send before they were added.  If you have an Android phone and don’t want those people in your main thread anymore, go back into Settings–>Data Usage–> Group Messaging at the top of that screen and turn off show in Thread or Hide from Thread. You should only hide them through; if you turn off show in thread it looks like you deleted them completely.  Just know that doing either will hide all their text from everyone else.  So either way the can still read your messages, they just won’t be able to respond unless they follow one of these steps too.  If you want to permanently remove someone from a group text:  Go back into message settings.  Tap on individual conversations and scroll down until you find your name under participants in Chat.  Select your name and hit leave conversation, which is at the bottom of than screen.


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