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15 Amazing Student and Teacher Jokes in Telugu

Most Hilarious Student and Teacher Jokes in Telugu : These are some of the funniest jokes about students and teachers, told by students and teachers alike! The best part? They’re all in Telugu! For those of you who haven’t heard, Telugu is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, so it’s great if you want to learn new idioms in your native tongue!



Student and Teacher Jokes Funny

Student and teacher jokes Funny question and answers in Telugu  for students and teachers. student and teacher questions and answers.  Qns on students, teachers student and teacher . funny students and teachers. funny Quora like questions with answers in Hindi , English , Telugu language with photos are given below.



Student Teacher Jokes in Telugu

The student teacher jokes in Telugu: student, teacher, hilarious, funny; Student-Teacher Relationship: The student-teacher relationship is special. No matter what field you study or what your academic level is, you are taught by someone who once studied that subject. This allows for a stronger connection to develop between students and teachers.



Jokes of Teacher and Student

7 jokes of teacher and student funny teachers student joke is given on below.  By reading these student-teacher jokes you can smile your whole day away. So let’s see these wonderful examples of good, clean fun! A mother calls her son at college: I need to speak with you about something. Are there any girls that call or visit you at school? The son responds by saying Mom, everyone calls me or visits me from time to time. Frustrated, his mother tells him she doesn’t mean everyone else but instead she means if there are any GIRLS who call or visit him at school?

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Teacher Student Jokes in English

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This post is full of silly Student-Teacher jokes in Telugu. Some are funny while some will make you roll on the ground laughing. Enjoy these :D..And they teach us that we should respect our elders… We already knew that! Here’s a video where a few students were asked what their view is about a Student-Teacher relationship.

Teacher Student Jokes in English

We are happy to share the best ten teacher student jokes in English. These are all 10 students and teacher jokes that have been selected by our team. if you really like these funny quotes, then don’t forget to share them with your friends on social networking sites. enjoy!

1-A student asked a professor how he got his name? The professor replied, My father always wanted a boat. How did that lead to your name? asked the student. The professor said, Well my Dad was very upset because my mother didn’t want children; he figured it would be like naming a boat anyway. So… I became Nathaniel Boatwright.

2-Teacher: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? Student: We call him professor.

3-Teacher: If I were talking to a beautiful girl what part of speech would uh be?

4-Did you hear about the new drink at McDonald’s? Ask Ryan. It gives me shakes, replies Patrick

5-Student: Why is ancient history more important than modern history? Teacher: Ancient history is about things that never change, modern history is about things that always change.

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6-Teacher: My boy, there are two kinds of people in this world – those who finish their work and those who don’t. Students: Yes sir, which are you?

7-Student: You’re like a concert pianist! You hit only one key — but you hit it consistently !

8-Student: Would it help if I go out with one leg?

9-Student: Can God make a rock so big that even He can not lift it? Teacher: No. But why don’t you ask Him? Student : Okay. (Two days later) Student : God said no !!!!! 10-Kid:Dad, can I play ball after dinner ? Dad : Sure son , throw them high , I’ll catch them low.

11-Teacher: Where does rubber come from? Student: From a ‘rubber’ tree!

12-Student: Do you know how they made pencils before machines were invented? Teacher:(Very seriously) : Oh yes.

Teacher and Student Jokes

A principal was interviewing candidates for a teaching position. She saw two people waiting outside her office. One was an elderly gentleman, balding with a few white hairs here and there. The other was a young man with long hair dressed in blue jeans, sandals, no socks and a Grateful Dead T-shirt. She decided to interview them together so she could compare their answers to her questions. First she asked about their experience with students: Can you handle discipline problems?

Jokes on Teacher and Student

One day a student told his teacher, My mother washes my clothes. His teacher asked him to prove it by bringing his dirty clothes from home. The next day, he brought them but they were cleaned and ironed! Then his teacher told him to ask his mother if she washed them or ironed them? On returning home, he asked his mother whether she washed or ironed them. She said that she had hung them out to dry! 8 of the Most Hilarious Student and Teacher Jokes in Telugu

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These are some of the funniest jokes on teacher about students and teachers, told by students and teachers alike! The best part? They’re all in Telugu! For those of you who haven’t heard, Telugu is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, so it’s great if you want to learn new idioms in your native tongue!

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