10 Tips for How To Impress The Girl -Case Study You’ll Never Forget

How to impress the girl:  This might be one of the most common questions guys ask themselves before making a first move on the girl they like. 

10 Tips On How to Impress The Girl



Start  to Read these Simple Tips on How to impress the girl?

1) Introduce Yourself

I’m a young businesswoman with a successful career and my own financial empire.  Today, I want to share my knowledge with you in regards to how to impress girls.  When I was younger, I never could find a good strategy that actually works, so hopefully through my case study,  you can learn from my mistakes and understand why some of these tactics might not be appropriate for some situations.

2) Tell Your Name

Hi, my name is Daniel Lewis,  I am a forty-two year old male, and for as long as I can remember, I have found myself drawn to girls that are much younger than me. When I was I was in college, I fell in love with an eighteen year old girl by the name of Jessica Meridith.  We dated for five years and throughout those five years, our relationship grew stronger and stronger.  However, there were two problems.  One being Jessica’s age (by then she was twenty-three) and two being her obsession with getting married after she finished college……..She wanted to get marriage right away but we didn’t want to rush it since we had only been dating since our freshman year of college. 

3) Smile!

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people walking down a busy street, looking like they’re in a bad mood. Not only do these people attract unwanted attention, but they are also sending off negative vibes to those around them—and I mean everyone! If you’re trying to impress that girl you met at last night’s networking event, don’t walk with your head down and eyes cast downward. Make eye contact, smile, engage in conversation; these actions will let her know you’re interested (which goes without saying), making it that much easier for her to reciprocate interest.

4) Ask her about herself

One of my favorite first date questions is, So tell me a little bit about yourself. In case she’s short on material, here are a few to get her started: How did you and your family end up living in Austin? Where do you see yourself in five years? (If she starts answering with generalities like, I want to be happy and successful—beware!) What’s one major accomplishment of yours that not many people know about?

5) Show her you care about her answers.

When you’re talking to a girl, and she says something, ask her to expand. Women need a lot of time to warm up and open up. Your job is not just to keep her talking, but to show her that you care about what she has to say and that you’re interested in getting to know her better. Ask follow-up questions—and even repeat back to her how you understand what she means by that—to reinforce your listening skills. (That will also help make sure you don’t mishear or misunderstand.) She may have started with an obvious opener, like What do you do? But now move on to more specific questions: What kind of work do you enjoy doing? Why did you choose it? What kinds of things would be fun for your career path?

6) Listen and be present

A relationship is based on intimacy, which means you need to be present in order to get close to someone. To impress a girl, avoid doing anything that makes you look like you’re not interested or attentive. Don’t text your friends when you’re with her, don’t ignore her while she talks, and don’t do anything else that might send a message that says, I really don’t care about what we have going on here. Instead, listen actively, ask questions that show you understand how she feels, and focus on her emotions. Make eye contact, give compliments (when they’re deserved), laugh at her jokes—do all of these things as if your life depends on it because it does! Studies prove that mutual admiration goes a long way toward helping people fall in love with each other.

7) Be real. And don’t be nervous.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, flirting with someone who doesn’t find you attractive is awkward. And if it’s someone you genuinely like, that’s even worse. Remember: Be real. And don’t be nervous. If there’s a woman out there who will fall for an act, she clearly wasn’t meant to be in your life anyway—and you’re certainly not meant to be with her in hers. Don’t worry about impressing anyone; just be yourself and try to have fun! Take chances. Say yes instead of no. Get up on stage. Ask for a second date, or say hello when you see someone you like out on their own. After all, relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting! Give compliments.: Men: Learn how to compliment women without coming off as creepy. Women: Let us compliment you once in awhile instead of taking offense at every nice thing we say!

8) Talk about something else besides you.

Remember, dating is not just about you. Try asking her questions and showing that you’re interested in learning more about her too. At some point during your conversations, be sure to ask about what she does for a living and what career goals she has for herself. If she does make an offhand comment about how it sucks working with those people, make a note of it. Now you know something else to talk about: How to impress girl. Convince her of your awesomeness: Obviously, first impressions are important on a date—they set the tone for how things will go from there on out.

9) Give her an opportunity to ask you questions.

Make her feel comfortable and curious by asking her questions about herself. This will give you a chance to learn what she cares about, but it will also make her think that you’re interested in her opinion and that you’re not solely concerned with your own agenda (whatever that may be). People like people who care; women especially like men who show genuine interest in them as individuals. Asking her questions and showing her that you’re truly trying to understand where she’s coming from is one of the fastest ways I know of creating an instant connection!

10) Go in for the kiss. But make sure she’s ready first!

A big problem with dating is that you don’t know if she’s ready to kiss you. If she’s not, it can ruin your chances because you’re playing too hard to get. A great way to tell if she’s ready is by using body language. Look for signals like leaning towards you or a slight smile and then go in for a kiss when you feel confident that she wants it as much as you do. Some people will disagree but in my experience, going in for a kiss at any other time makes you look insecure, even if they want to kiss you back. Sure enough, I tried it both ways and it was definitely true—no woman wanted to keep seeing me after I tried going in while they weren’t ready; they just thought I was weird! But when I went in while they were tilting their head slightly forward and smiling back at me more intently than before – wow!

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